• Number 2

    Those who have seen the pilot episode of Star Trek may recall the female First Officer of the Enterprise referred to as Number 2, but this short posting is not about her. It is instead about session number 2 with the Helix Syn V, along with the 3d session the following day.

    Neither session involved any orgasm or sexual tension. Although the second session had periodic involuntary contractions and twitchings, they were less pronounced than the first session. I followed the do-nothing protocol other than to use the vibration of the massager. It lasted about an hour. The third session was even less eventful though I tried the pillow technique and some breathing exercises.

    There were moments when my ass tried to swallow the Helix, as in the first session, but it did not lead to pleasure.

    I have not experienced any pain or discomfort from use. Insertion was particularly easy the second time. I will probably not have time for another session until this coming weekend.

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