• Now I can produce Super-O’s and MMO’s in Aless

    Hi guys,

    Now in the dog days of summer here in DC, I can walk about my apartment and sit naked at my PC if I so choose. Generally I do this when apartment building staff is not on duty or if there is not workmen in the building during normal work hours during the daytime Monday or Friday. However past 6 p.m. in the evening til 8 a.m. in the morning workdays and 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays on weekends, I have the necessary privacy for nakedness which so freeing, a necessary ingredient for Aneros sessions and Aless untethered. However the modesty I exercise protects myself and the apartment building staff.

    On Thursday August 2, I had a session with Tempo that was quantum leap. Tempo is an Aneros device made of hefty stainless steel that guys and women use it inserted anally seated comfortably. The root meaning of the Tempo is rhythmic “fuck” motion that is so natural. On this memorable session, I was seated before my PC with Tempo working diddling sweetly my nipples and performing natural Kegels when all of a sudden experienced a series of seven or eight Super-O’s one after another. When a Super-O came along, Tempo “fucked” me with deep strokes which I engaged directly. This was definitely a quantum leap with Tempo and something very new!

    Since then I can replicate this in Aless. Recently I have reflected on lies beyond my ability to trigger Super-O’s and MMO’s in Aless. I pinpointed this ability a few days ago when wearing athletic cup supporter unit. A good athletic cup is essentially contoured banana cup which holds a guy’s junk comfortably from his perineum to a point several inches from his Glans. A good athletic cup is essentially a protective cup so necessary in contact sports. The accompanying cup jock or cup holder keeps his genitals in place.

    From my adolescent days I have had an intense jock and cup fetish. I revel in what a jock and cup does for me in the genital protection and support department but also in their tactile feel down there. Essentially jocks and cups make me feel a proud male in where it counts! A good jock and cup also has enhanced manifoldly my Aless for a very long time.

    It was bateworld.com in September or October 2011 that I encountered a guy recommended the Aneros to me. He said that the Aneros improved greatly his masturbation sessions. Really he is a jack-off artist. He recommend that I begin the Kegel Exercises. The Kegels he said are essential for using the Aneros successful. He said that the Kegels are helpful for developing firmer erections. When I began my Aneros journey in early June 2012, that is when I incorporated the Kegels into my sessions. The Kegels also began to enhance my Aless.

    So very recently I discovered that in the area of my perineum and the base of my scrotum there are elastic muscles which power my Aless. These elastic muscles produce an natural, perhaps an ” Aneros educated” rhythm which is irresistible and erotically sweet that is fundamental to my Aless. I believe these muscles are the Floor Muscles and the Cremaster. Wearing a jock and cup help me to discover all this.

    Another ingredient which really powers my Aneros sessions and Aless is sweetly stimulating my nipples in a sexual manner which I call diddling. Many guys have not discovered that their nipples are a powerful erogenous zone. I have found that when I discover the power of diddling about two or three years ago that that there is a sexual charge that zings from my diddled nipples right to my genitals, most specifically my prostate, even a very localized areas of that gland, and so certainly specific areas of my genitals.

    So here what I do produce Super-O’s and MMO’s. First sit in a comfortable chair naked. Wear an ordinary jockstrap or even better a cup supporter unit. If have an Aneros educated prostate, anal musculature, Floor Muscles, and Cremaster, you are going to feel a sweet Aless rhythm in your perineum and at the base of your scrotum. Try to engage with this sweet rhythm sexually with a few Kegels and nipple diddle you may experience Super-O’s and MMO’s that are out of this world!

    Also like @goldenboy, I enjoy wearing a jock and cup to bed most nights during which I diddle myself. Such activities prime me for Aneros sessions early in the morning.

    However I have a lingering question: Could this sweet Aless rhythm be also at the base of my penis, cock root? 🙂

    Update at Sunday 9:25 p.m., August 19, 2018. I am tying this buck naked except for the All-Star Shock Jock Cup W/Supporter Combo that I am wearing. I am savoring the powerful sexual energy on the plateau leading up to the PONR, with @goldenboy in mind.

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