• Nothing To See Here

    Seriously, there is nothing to see here. I just wanted to keep track of my abstinence from Anerosing. I forced myself to take time off because I was doing it all the damn time, sometimes more than once a day. I’m falling in love with the Progasm Classic so I wanted to take time off and then take the Helix Syn back out. I found myself thinking about sex, and orgasms all the time. It was hard to focus on stuff. I felt great but I was perpetually horny. Weird. I couldn’t take my SR past Saturday, I went past the PONR during an edging session. That was quite the feeling. I didn’t notice any increase in volume or length of ejaculating, but the feeling was more intense than I’ve experienced in the past. The past couple days things have been normal. I’ll probably have a session tomorrow and see if I can cut down on my sessions but it’s so hard to do because the sensation is so addicting. Oh, and what is this binaural crap? That shit is incredible. I definitely have to look more into that but it was the weirdest experience.

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