• Not the best of sessions but still worthwhile

    I worked for 17 hours yesterday, got home exhausted and collapsed into bed. Woke up feeling tired but horny, I find some of my best sessions come to me when I’m tired, being tired helps me relax.

    Usual routine, douche, shower, relax whilst browsing some porn (never hardcore, mainly solo girl or girl/girl) inserted the EST and relaxed, it instantly went to work on my prostate creating little shock waves of pleasure instantly followed by a full-body cold shiver, the sensations grew all whilst doing nothing, just chillin’. lots of pleasurable sensations but not quite as intense as I’ve been experiencing of late, although |I still managed to do the weird ‘moving the energy’ with my hands thing.

    After a break for a pee I swapped to the GSX, this did not a lot for me today, not to worry though, one thing I’ve come to learn about Aneros toys is not to panic or try to force it, there’s always another day.

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