• Not quite getting it…

    * Bland session.
    * Some P-Waves here and there.
    * 40 minutes of no nipple stimulation, didn't change much.
    * Still no sensations from anus/prostate.
    * Possible p-tab problems.
    * Shaking is nice but doesn't add to anything.
    * P-Waves when staying completely static.
    * Need to concentrate the mind on more specific feelings for longer.
    Yesterday I finally moved into my new place for my final year of University.
    Before venturing off to do so, I decided to give another session a go in the morning. Switched from MGX over to Progasm like before but didn't get the same surprise as before. Mild and weak session as a whole.
    Recently I feel I haven't been understanding the core of Aneros use – stemming from the sensations of anal and prostate. No noticeably nice feelings come from either, which to me is a little jarring since I'm certain most users with good sessions and usage report such a case happening. So I want to work a little on this field and see where things can improve.
    With that said, this morning I gave the MGX a go! This time I wanted to go for roughly 40 minutes of 'doing nothing' – particularly no nipple stimulation. I recently felt that nipple stimulation has become too distracting due to the overpowering vibes, almost on par with penile counterpart. I wanted to see if anal and prostate pleasures could emerge and be sensed without such.
    And wouldn't you know it; nothing has changed. For the most part, the session didn't provide anything great. I had surges of p-waves when staying still, but I could get those outside of Aneros time anyway. (Albeit at lesser magnitudes) When the MGX is in, there is generally a sense of anticipation around the pelvic and lower abdomen area but not much else arises from the massager – involuntary or not. I still can't sense anything great from contracting the anus and I feel no tingling from the prostate.
    Shaking and quivering of the pelvis and abdomen still occurs on a somewhat involuntary basis and its nice, but p-waves occur when holding them back.
    In all, it's not a bad session. There were some surges of P-waves here and there, and I had a rock solid hard-on when introducing nipple stimulation 40 minutes. Still a bit of a let down as far as pleasure goes.
    One thing to note is that the arousal was building up after about an hour and 20 minutes in, and the Aneros felt more 'accustomed' to put it one way. I'll try lengthening sessions to two, maybe three hours and see what this brings. Also I feel the p-tab on the MGX might be getting in the way, and it might be in the wrong area for the sweet spot.

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