• No sleep

    I started a session just before going to bed. This never works out for me. I drift off to sleep before anything gets started.
    It worked out this time, though. Fuck me running, did it work out.
    I felt a slow pulsing at my anus that maintained a persistent stimulation, and a much slower internal stroking that triggered a wave every forty seconds, I estimate, that amplified the stimulation. The two different internal contractions kept their slow, relentless paces, escalating my arousal to levels I hadn't thought possible.
    I now understand what “do nothing” means. In previous sessions, there were points where sensations would start evaporating, and I'd contract something or pluck something else to get things rolling again. This time was very different. Nothing needed doing. The only moments of exertion were when the stimulation got a little unstable, and I fought my body's reflexive need to fold in half at the abdomen.
    One of those instabilities got too strong for me. I released a low, sad whimper. My body spontaneously crumpled up like a paper ball, and did not unwad itself for many seconds.
    After acknowledging that one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life had really happened, I started dreaming without being entirely asleep. This was a familiar sign that the session was over, and I should clean up and get some sleep. I still had a residual tingle, and thought it would be like a delightful warm breeze to waft me into unconsciousness.
    That tingle got aggressive. I felt my two distinct, disharmonic, involuntary rhythmic contractions going again, and there was no aneros in there for them to push, pull, or stroke against. It had already been a night of several astonishing firsts, and “a-less” was getting added to the list. I rode it through four cycles of build-up and release. Those orgasms had a climax quality very much like ejaculation.
    It was very late by this point. As nice as this was, I needed some sleep. I figured jerking off would be a fine way to close up and shut down. As has happened before, I was as turned-on as I'd ever been, but ejaculation was a long way off. I put in a good thirty minutes of hard work to get there. Bizarrely, another a-less orgasm came along while I was masturbating. It was completely non-disruptive; it just superimposed itself on the one I was putting together manually.
    The wank finished very nicely. Best one in recent memory. Sleep would be pleasant.
    Would have been pleasant, anyway. Within twenty minutes, the a-less contractions started rolling again. I felt that riding the a-less to another orgasm would be counterproductive, but I was unable to ignore it and get to sleep. I finally gave up and started my day a little earlier than usual.
    Terrible day it was. Long ago, a sleepless night didn't bother me much, but these days its effects are very much like illness. I was fortunate to have scheduled time off from work, but I surely would have called out sick. My ass didn't stop pulsing all day, even after I collapsed into sleep in the afternoon.
    Last night's session was a profoundly rich learning experience. Among the lessons, I learned that an aneros session can lead to agitation as well as pleasure and relaxation.

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