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    I love to ride my toys an I have a few to choose fro. From butt plugs to prostate messagers to 9-12 inch dildo’s. I have a great time with them all and i reach new heightened orgasms with each session I have. But my prostate an penis has to much fun. I play with myself at least once a day. I have to have a wet explosive orgasm a day. I’m young an have to get my nut out. I become cranky without it. Either I’m rubbing my hole or sticking a finger or two inside me to ease my roaming and vibrating prostate that gets constant action. An don’t get em started on y porn collection. I have so many porn subscriptions on my tablet and computer I barely have enough money to buy new toys. But all of that is coming to a close.
    I am gonna hold off from all things sexually when it comes to my body. I won’t rub, grope, jack off, or probe myself for at least a week. I will not watch porn and try to keep my mind clear of sexual thoughts and fantasies. I know I can do it. I have done the 21 day challenge but I still edged when I did that. I also still rode my toys I just didn’t have a wet orgasm. Now I have dry orgasms by accident so there is no stopping the but I will try to suppress them an try not to get anything else started. I want to miss my toys and porn so when I do reunite with them again I appreciate them more. This will e hard. Hell I’m hard right now as I type this but I will refrain from getting my rocks off. I have on a cockring right now to not stimulate me but to see if I can handle a hard on with out whipping it out and rubbing one off. I’m doing good so far. So wish me luck cause this won’t be easy but to have better sexual experiences I have to distance myself from my toys so I can give them better good times in the future.


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      12/04/2016at9:56 pm

      @BigOluver I too have been regularly practicing SR but can’t get beyond 14 days; my wife wants some action too! I find lately that I am more aroused by sexual denial (SR) and fantasies which include forced chastity. Hopefully you’ll get through the week and beyond. Good luck to you!

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      12/04/2016at11:33 pm

      Hey @BigOluver, respect for taking up your personal challenge, it’s a huge one from my point of view, especially as you currently are undergoing the highest testerone levels during your lower twenties. Farsighted as you show up, I feel confident that you will achieve your ambitious goal and grow with your efforts. As I just met with my own much easier challenges of denial I can agree that the right distance is a precondition to broaden your mind. No more wasting endless hours to porn gives you plenty of time for reading some books to look for new horizons. To stick to the point searching for “pdf The Mulit-Orgasmic Man” could rank first on your list. I wish you success!

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      12/04/2016at11:45 pm

      @BigOluver, sorry for reading your post too fast. I ruffled your 21 day challenge with your age and didn’t recognize the long list of your posts and how far you already have gone on your journey. Never mind me commenting!

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