• No Aneros: Better Developments

    * No Aneros for two months.
    * No nipple stimulation.
    * Slower building orgasms = better.
    * Now partying in the o-zone.
    * Orgasms that reach far inwards.
    * Faster building orgasms = not as good.
    I'm not using the Aneros for roughly two months. Since two days ago I'm half way there, in fact! Abstaining will hopefully rectify the itches and pains in and around the ass, as suggested by a member. I'm itching a lot less now, so there's some good signs.
    But wouldn't I know it: I've had some amazing times up to this point! What gives?
    Rewiring further — in ways I wasn't aware of. My previous entry appears to be the onset of all this. However, holding off from the devices and nipple stimulation has allowed the sensations to dig and expand further inwards.
    To be more precise, I think nipple stimulation has the tendency to short circuit the arousal. It creates a 'release', in the same vein as ejaculating, preventing that crucial energy to build over time. It blows arousal in quick bursts, rather than allowing all of it to gradually build in larger waves. Nipple stimulation may have gotten me far before, but I've been using it as a crutch. )Though it borders on addiction, too(
    So early January, there was no more nipple stimulation. This was hard, and it still is. My arousal would become desperate for that release: and that was the key. I stuck a cork in the horny bottle. I would feel these sweet tingles, if slightly stressful, coalesce in my abdomen. Just thinking about various things builds it!
    Instead I just rubbed my hands over other areas to try and preoccupy them from touching the nipples. Crazy strong orgasms would soon follow.
    I've written up a draft of this entry a few weeks back discussing how nipple abstaining did a lot of good yet couldn't be sure if this was really the case — and not simple being in the right place, at the right time as many of these great sessions end up being.
    I'm now more confident that changing some habits was the ticket after all. Last night was amazing even without the Aneros. As hippy as it sounds, I was in the O-ZONE. Rubbing my ass and relaxing kept producing orgasms that shook me to the core — and genuinely felt like I'd cum. Speaking of ass, I found rubbing with hands doubles the effect. This isn't surprising since it was the case with the nipples, though I thought it was exclusive to them.
    Still a little hesitant this all might be a good period that won't return for a while. Even if it is, that's still something to look forward to right? That's why I enjoyed the Aneros for all this time.

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