• Njoy Pure Wand Session- A Must Read

    I love my Aneros toys, I really do. But truthfully I have a few other toys that are worth talking about. I picked up an Njoy pure wand a couple of years ago, out of pure curiosity. It carries quite a reputation amongst men and women for its pleasurable effects. If you aren’t aware of what it is, look it up. To summarize its an 8 inch long curved solid piece of stainless steel with a 1 inch bulb and a 1.5 inch bulb on opposing ends. It works great for G spot and P spot stimulation, and since its made of pure stainless its not an issue to deep clean it in boiling water. I find both ends work equally well depending on what my body is craving. The slim end is more nimble and able to touch all the good spots around my prostate. I can do circles around my prostate with the small end. The larger end is more to the point direct pressure and more filling feeling. Now lets get to the good parts.

    Yesterday I had not had any form of orgasm for over a week. I was super Horney. I started with my helix but just wanted more. I can say I have never been F***ED, Never been Pegged. But I can Say I think I know what it would feel like after using this toy. I was already prelubed from my helix session. I lubed up the smaller end of the Pure Wand, and got into position. I Stayed on my knee’s but brought my head and upper body down to the pillow. With the curvature of the wand Im able to reach under myself to manipulate the wand. Due to the weight of the wand it requires a hand on it at all times, after slowly inserting it I let the weight glide it back into my anus. The sensation was incredible, the cool hard stainless sliding into my hole. Im forming an erection just thinking about it. I pulled it back to the edge of my anus a few times and let it slide in. This sensation made me start to become erect. I moved the wand around until I found my prostate. With the weight there is no mistaking It. As soon as the toy touched my prostate I felt the fluid start to come forward from my prostate towards my penis. I began circling and touching the toy around my prostate, applying more and less pressure. My subsided somewhat, but the pleasure was unreal. I could feel the prostate fluid coming through my penis, gathering on the tip before dropping to the towel. I continued this for a while, I felt an orgasm building, But it was more of an anal orgasm. Pure bliss, my anus contracted and flinched, my erection returned. I kept going a little more. I exploded when I began rocking the massager against my prostate.
    Because I Had not had an orgasm in over a week, I made the decision to try to record the session on my phone. I really cannot believe it, but the entire session filmed. I watched it a couple of times. I really cannot believe how much a dripped, and the erection present, going away and coming back. But it felt amazing the entire time.

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