• nJoy Pure Plug

    I just picked up the nJoy Pure Plug, large size, and am really liking it! It is super comfortable to wear, and keeps my arousal level on high when in place. I plan on using it anytime I plan for a session later in the day. That should really help keep the arousal going as the hour of power approaches.

    I would have bought the pFun instead, but reviewers said it slips out pretty easily. The Pure Plug doesn’t have that problem, but the insertion length is quite a bit shorter, so is not as direct on the p-spot. Still feels awesome, though. I’ll update in a few days when I see how my next session goes.


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      09/22/2020at3:47 pm

      I have the pure plug large and 2.0. For some reason, the large becomes a little uncomfortable after a while, especially when sitting or lying down. My theory is the weight of the stainless steel tends to press on one area if kept in one position for a while. Do you have any discomfort? The 2.0 is fantastic but with its 2 inch girth takes some experience building up to it.

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