• Nipple diddling while wearing a BIKE CUP (inspired by goldenboy)

    Hi guys,

    Yes, I have been absent in my Aneros blogging, but I still have one or two Aneros session a week which I enjoy immensely. But my translation projects in my retirement keep me busy.

    However, just about every night I like to dress my cock with cellophane containers, probably four or five of them, before donning my BIKE CUP with accompanying cup jock. The cellophane containers actually contain muffins, but they feel really hot and sweet on my cock.

    I have spoken of the BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 marketed by BIKE Athletic Company 1985-86 which I purchased many of them in the four years they were in production. It was one of the best products BIKE marketed, sadly since then nothing BIKE in athletic cups and jocks could rival. Even sadder was the demise of BIKE Athletic by its parent company, Russell Athletic, in 2015.

    The BIKE CUP is a contoured banana cup. It is HUGE. It created a bulge in the pants of baseball players. It is downright erotic. When you see a cup bulge on a baseball player. You know their genitals are protected. Good athletic cups and jocks are still made. Shock Doctor carbon bioflex cups are hot as well as the Nutty Buddy Cup invented by the visionary Mark Littell, an inspiring retired MLB player who still coaches baseball teams!

    The cellophane containers that I dress my cock have the appearance of oversize condoms, but they certainly have the feel of lubricated condoms, namely the feel of latex, which my glans and cock shaft enjoy. Like I said, I like to dress my cock in four or five of them. They really feel hot in my BIKE CUP and cup jock. I wear this combo all night long although I may have get up twice or three times to use my bathroom, but wow, I really enjoy enjoy redressing my cock. Then I go back to bed.

    I diddle my nipples off and on during the night reveling in the feel of my dressed cock as it interacts with my BIKE CUP combo. While the sweetness is strong throughout my penis and the glans, sweetness is also localize at the base of my scrotum where the base of my BIKE CUP massages of my perineum. There is bliss galore which I can replicate throughout the day if I choose. The BIKE CUP and my dressed cock has also enhanced my Aneros sessions immensely too!

    I am inspired by goldenboy’s blog posts on chastity, NoFab, and jocks and cups. Actually semen retention and chastity are highly erotic practices for me. For an old geezer like, I really enjoy jacking off on occasion!

    P.S. The BIKE CUP combo has taken on a mind of its own in stimulating my glans, cock shaft, scrotum, and perineum in the still of the night. All I have to do is do various incantations focused on my “man area.” What else could I desire! 🙂


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      05/21/2019at7:19 am

      @BigGlansDC Once again, thanks for the nod! For me, wearing the ‘chastity’ cups not only feels erotically hot, but they keep me right on-track with SR, NoFap (R) and wet dreams!

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