• Night Night…Good Morning…

    Finally I have some time to tell you all about Monday Night…and then Tuesday morning…

    So Monday night…I decided to get some aless in. Session was at least 1.5 hours and while I got some nice pleasure waves and some really sweet mini-Os it was nothing to write about. I believe I was just tired. After that time…I went to bed…content and accepting the session for what it was.

    630am rolls around. My wife kisses me to wake me up…she is off to work. I am laying in bed with just a tshirt on. Its a little chilly so I cover up a little bit and roll on my back. My prostate says “Good Morning” with just a little pulse. Oh now you want to play I say to myself. I obliged him…it wasnt before long…BANG…I’m in the ecstasy I wanted 8 hours prior. It’s building…and building…and building…and a few mins later that familiar full body pulsing was back and my entire body is tingling all over. The pleasure is magnifying…I am back at that new level I found a few days earlier. It’s soooo amazing. This session lasts for another hour. Every 6-8 mins I would have at least a 2+ minute Super-O that would leave me breathless.

    After this…I got up…jumped in the shower and got ready for work and had a rather good day at work…


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      12/22/2018at3:22 pm


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