• Newb's First Session

    First session notes – wherein I expose my newb-ness
    The Helix Syn came in the mail a few days ago along with the other supplies. I had about an hour and a half of uninterrupted privacy to look forward to, so I grabbed the chance to play.
    Expectations – I just wanted to practice getting the Helix inside me and feel what it was like. I like CrimsonWolf's write-up about the do-nothing approach, but this time I just wanted to experiment. This was about 4 days after my last ejaculation.
    • ROOKIE MISTAKE – A mistake even before I began? Yes, and I knew this going in. I wasn't aroused at all. I've read that the Aneros amplifies arousal, and if there is no arousal, then you can't really expect to feel anything. That was fine for this session; I just wanted to go through the mechanics.
    I'm going to add some details so other newbies can follow along –
    1. First, I stripped, and then had a bowel movement followed by an enema rinse )2 @ 4 oz warm water(. Probably not necessary, but I felt more comfortable this way.
    2. I lubed my finger with some I.D. Glide, and smeared some around my perineum and into my anus. I scraped about a teaspoon of shea butter off the chunk I'd purchased, quickly rolled it into a bullet shape with lightly lubed fingers, and shoved it into my anus.
    3. While the shea butter melted inside me, I coated the Helix with shea butter, and then put a little extra Glide on the tip.
    4. Ready for first insertion? Insertion was easy, painless and stress-free; standing with one leg extended and one foot on a chair. Again, I'm used to anal insertion; I've been finger-fucking myself for years. It feels good. My body welcomes it. The lubed Helix felt very nice going in, very relaxing. Note to self: I am DEFINITELY going to get a dildo!
    5. I spread some towels on the ground and lay on my back, knees bent, with my feet flat on the floor and just waited, breathing, relaxing, for 10 minutes to let things settle in. No voluntary contractions, no nothing.
    First impression – I couldn't feel a thing. Seriously, nothing. Maybe a slight sense of fullness. No erection. No traditional "sexual" feelings at all.
    • ROOKIE MISTAKE – The room I was in was frikkin' freezing! It made it difficult to fully relax. The floor in particular was cold, and the towels I was laying on didn't offer much insulation. I rolled from my back to my right side, then my left side trying to get comfortable. Finally, to get away from the floor, I got on my knees and elbows, face resting on a pillow.
    6. Still wasn't feeling anything, so, while still breathing slowly and relaxing, I started gentle sphincter and PC contractions. I could feel the Helix moving!
    7. I slowly contracted my sphincter, and held it while slowly contracting my PC. Suddenly, my whole perineal region involuntarily spasmed, hard. Tried it again, same result. Tried it again, but without the sphincter contraction; just slow contraction of the PC. Wham! Wham! Wham! Multiple, hard involuntary contractions of the perineum. Felt like my balls were being yanked backwards. Interesting.
    8. More deep breathing, getting as relaxed as I could get inside a refrigerator. Slow, slow, slow PC contraction . . . Wham! Wham! Wham! of the perineum, instantly progressing to full-body involuntary contractions. I didn't try to control anything; I detached myself and just observed. Fingers, hands, arms, eyelids, neck, chest, back, ass, legs, and of course the Helix moving inside me; everything was twitching, spasming. I guess that it lasted for about 10 seconds initially.
    9. I found I could do this at will, and each time I did it, it felt deeper and lasted longer. This was very, VERY relaxing. It was deliciously relaxing. No sexual tension. Throughout, I did not have an erection or even any stiffening. There was no pre-cum. I didn't have any "sexual" feeling at all, at least as far as my newb-ness could tell. However, I got a sense that something was building, something that could become sexual, some change deep in the floor of my pelvis. I continued with the spasm exercises, where just one voluntary PC contraction set the whole thing going. With practice, the spasming lasted about 30 seconds each time. Over time, I found that this building "change" was very real and getting stronger, but was still just on the edge of my awareness. )since then, I've tried PC contractions in the same body position without the Helix, and my perineum spasms, but not nearly as strongly or as long. also, no full-body anything(.
    10. My time was up, and I was cold. I jerked off with the Helix inside, but didn't notice anything unusual in the amount or quality of ejaculate. Time to clean up.
    • ROOKIE MISTAKE – When I first lubed the Helix, I only coated the body, not the stem. At this point, I was wishing that I had put more lube on the stem and that I had done a better job of lubing for extraction, as well as insertion. In the end, everything came out okay.
    11. I first wiped the Helix off with some tissue )was remarkably clean-looking(, and then plopped the enema device and the Helix in a bowl of hot water with some anti-bacterial soap and sloshed things around. Then I added some near-boiling water, sloshed some more, rinsed and dried.
    So, overall, I'd call that promising. No sexual feelings, which is normal for me with anal play. The session far exceeded my expectations. I felt no anal pain at all; good lube is good. Didn't even notice the P-tab rubbing on my perineum )which was smooth and lubed(. No hemorrhoid issues. Very relaxing, very pleasurable. I look forward to the next session.
    That night, I awoke with a hard, hard erection that lasted for about 30 minutes. I haven't been that hard in 20 years.
    The entire next day, I felt a warm glow from my prostate. A very pleasurable feeling. I can see how people say it makes them feel calmer.
    Next session – In a warm environment, with arousal.

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