• Newbie Needs Super O Tips!!!!!

    Hey Gents. Just got my Helix this past Friday and used it 5 days in a row. I'm already addicted!!!
    Going to try and control myself until Saturday which will be the next time I'll be alone with plenty of time to play. I should be good and ready!! I got the involuntary contractions real easy from the first session. I'm even starting to feel the difference between the anal and prostate contractions now. The tug of war between the two is amazing and feels great. Just haven't had a Dry O or Super O yet. The anticipation of my first one is killing me so I'm looking for tips to help me get there…
    1) Should I concentrate on the prostate or anal contractions? Which are more important to reaching the O??
    2) When the contractions get really fast does that mean I'm getting closer?
    3) Do you have to be clenching up to hit the O or is it more involuntary? Sometimes I think I might be squeezing too hard in anticipation.
    4) Which position do you think would give me the best chance of hitting the O??
    I know many of the answers will be unique to each person, but I believe the more information I have the quicker I can reach my goals. I want to make sure I'm not missing anything or doing anything that will delay my progress. Any advise will be greatly appreciated..

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