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    New toys in my box.

    I’ve been finding my sessions in the last few weeks to be lacking something. I’m unsure if it is related to the fact that I have a new job or the fact that I’m now working 2nd shift. On the flip side of this I now have a few hours of “ME TIME” that doesn’t involve just being in the shower.
    Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not had just duds, although there has been some, but for the most part my sessions have been just lack luster. Perhaps it’s the fact that since I now have me time time I’m pushing myself to reach the previously acquired pinical levels, or the fact that I’m not used to having me time and I’m unable to let go?, or maybe my body is still getting used to a new normal.

    Lately during my sessions I’ve been spending more time being active performing clenching (kegels) trying to increase sensations even though it never got me very far in the beginning, thus I adopted the do nothing approach that has given me several super o’s. So in review of these findings I feel that I need more pressure on my prostate but still retain the do nothing approach. So I purchased the NJOY Pfun Plug. I have used this a hand full of times. What a wonderful piece of kit this is. So smooth and shiny, and incredibly heavy. The first time I went to join with this I was concerned I would have problems getting it in as it is larger than the progasm jr, but because of the shape it slid in so easily. I absolutely adore the cold of the steel at room temp once fully inserted. But all this comes at a price. Because the shaft is not a rapid taper and the fact that it is 3/4# in weight, this thing is almost impossible to keep in when standing. Now to the meaty part.

    Did I get an orgasm from it? Yes and no. Because of the extreme weight and aggressive bend no clenching required as it lays heavily on the prostate when your body is properly positioned. This is perfect for me when doing nothing but breathing. I obtained some wonderful sensations, some light headedness, and few erections with light localized groin tingling but no full body sensations. I also tried doing some clenching in other sessions, but because of the aggressive nature and the fact that it it made of unforgiving stainless it didn’t take long before I was quite sore. I also find that when it is fully inserted that it is hitting extremely high on my prostate so that might also be a cause of the light responses or just the fact that it is a new sensation I’m not accustom to as of yet. I tried a few more times in both a sitting position and side saddle. sitting was OK, but side saddle was tough because it just kept wanting to slide out. I think I may hold off on this one for a while till I’m a lot more adept at prostate o’s.

    So time to try something else. I than purchased the NJOY Fun plug large, and 2 new cock rings, the master series in 1 3/4″ to use as a ball stretcher as I am constantly high and tight along with the imperial series in 2 1/8″ as I wanted more substance surrounding my cock. I waited impatiently for my new products.

    I have no words to describe these new pleasure tools, pictures do them no justice. Let me just say that there is nothing like having almost a pound of shiny, mirror finish stainless adorning your cock. Once I got them on the tug of 8oz pulling my balls down away from my body and another 6 or 7 oz surrounding all of me also tugging away I started to ooze precum like a faucet, never done that before even when having a session except for once. I than opened the box for the new plug, damn it’s big and heavy and ultra sexy looking! Again the shiny mirror finish, god it turns me on so much! There is no way this thing is ever going to fit I thought as it is more than three fingers large. I gave it 3 drops of silicone lube and gave the lightest amount of pressure and It slid in so easily and nestled against my prostate so nicely, plus because of the design, a large bulbous head and slim neck it didn’t try to escape even though it weighs the same as the Pfun plug at 11oz. I could feel every step of that big bulbous head tapping and rubbing my prostate, exciting me ever so gently.

    The first actual session I had using this new tool, within 5 minutes of joining, I was on the cusp of a full body orgasm multiple times but I was just unable to fully let go because of the excitement of something new.

    I have used this a few times now and for me all I can say is I’m in love. Once joined it feels so natural, even with the great amount of weight, I forget about it being there till I move and get that tap tap, Hi there, want to play? I do! Than a tingling starts in my anus and prostate.
    I am surprised that it doesn’t feel more filling though based in the fact that it is 1.5″ around, but that’s OK with me, the large size wasn’t one of the reasons for getting it, more the length as it was shorter than the Pfun and about the same as the helix.

    One wonderful side benefit is when doing kegels. When relaxed the weight stretches the muscles helping to prevent tension, and also because of the weight there is now actual resistance training when clenching. Because of that I’m starting to really feel and isolate the different muscle groups. I’m hoping this will allow me better control manipulating other tools.


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      05/19/2019at5:13 pm

      Totally agree with you re the feel of stainless steel! And the weight definitely strengthens the pc muscles! My Pfun and Pure Wand have really raised the bar on my pleasure sensations and dry Os! Minimal lube and easy clean up are added bonuses. Have ordered the Fun Wand as well and can only anticipate what it will do!

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