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    I got my Aneros Progasm Black Ice about 11 days ago. I have had a couple of sessions and I will tell you about it! First of all I am completely new to anal play. I have been reading A LOT of stuff on this website about tips and ideas and so on. I have tried a couple of different things so far but no MASSIVE results yet.
    My sessions usually, so far, lasts between 1 and 2 hours. Even though I have experienced pleasurable sensations, no orgasms yet. So far the only good sensation I get from the Progasm is just after inserting it I tend to do the “Do Nothing” method for 10 to 20 minutes. After about 4-6 minutes I start having this deep numb, tickling feeling which seems to be deep inside my pelvis which is absolutely amazing! But not nearly as intense as “transitional” orgasms that I am use to. This sensation completely fades away after about 5 minutes. The rest of the session I pretty much experience nothing from the Progasm… After the sensation fades away I start doing a some contractions. When I apply some pressure from the sphincter muscle I can feel some pressure on the prostate and if I keep it there I start to have these “jumping” sensation in my genitals. This “jumping” sensation gets more intense as I hold the pressure with the sphincter muscle. At this stage it’s almost like a minor electrical current has been introduced and it’s like I experience little shocks but with no feeling. No pain and no pleasurable feelings. It just like kind of bounces. At this stage it feels like these “jumps” might convert into some kind of orgasm, but it never does. I just feel nothing. I have tried the method posted by Crimsonwolf which really made sense to me and I liked the thread he posted (thank you very much for that Crimsonwolf !!). Which is all about relaxing and then the Trinity on the back. So I tried this and this also did nothing for me. Maybe I was not patient enough I don’t know. I have tried a session in the bath ha ha! which was interesting but did not work…. I have tried manually manipulating the Progasm which results in a feeling like I want to pee. I have tried to force or fake orgasms ha! I have tried really relaxing myself before the session, taking my time, and doing the “Do nothing” method while relaxing and it all ends up with the same frustrating result. I am still really excited about this toy and I want it to work. But maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe I am using the wrong Aneros model? I am using a very nice water based lubricant which should be fine? I think maybe I am right at the start of my re_wiring process perhaps. I don’t know and hope to find out in the future! I don’t mean to make this blog entry sound really negative. I just want to honestly give my update and write about how I started off on this awesome new journey. Please guys, if anyone would like to give me advice I would greatly appreciate it! Greetings fellow Aneros peoples!

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