• New success!

    Bought a Progasm (that thing is big!) and a Hugo Lelo yesterday- was excited to try them. The Hugo like all vibrating toys starts nice and then turns to numbness and a distraction. Just not convinced on vibrations. So went to the progasm and finished a super-t. The progasm doesnt move so also not convinced.
    Had a short window today and as usual resigned myself to enjoying some pwaves and non-expectant fun. Well, that was nearly a mistake! Closest to a super-o ever and now i really know what a mini-O or two feels like.
    I've switched up the p-tab placement to pull it much higher towards the balls- seems to find that ridge nicely and certain level of PC muscle contractions allows the feeling to move "through" to the penis and head. I've been able to find this spot consistently for the several sessions so believe there is excellent progress now! Also can bring back the sessions very quickly now- 15-20 minutes.
    Feeling enthusiastic now!

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