• New Sensations!

    I've had to take some time off )again( from using the Aneros due to a hectic University schedule and a severe lack of alone time!
    Thankfully that's all changed and I'm finding myself with a lot of me time :(
    This morning I was browsing the forums and I saw this video that somebody had posted.
    I gave it a watch and it made me incredibly aroused. I prepared myself and put in my helix. Ahhh.
    The subtle involuntary contractions started right away and continued for 20 minutes or so. I then started to feel a great deal of pleasure in my anal canal and my stomach tensed up, which felt like it made the pleasure spread to my torso. My abs kept tensing in waves pushing this pleasure up my body.
    The feeling in my anus was much more intense than the pleasure that was running through my body.
    These feelings died down after a short while and I was left with the feeling of my Helix twitching and pulsing. My groin began to sort of 'grind' around in a circle and I could feel some muscles contracting in my pelvis. I presume these are some of the PC muscles. The contracting became more and more frequent and suddenly I felt a very pleasurable feeling on my prostate. It was getting more and more intense before this feeling shot out to my limbs before quickly disappearing. This happened two or three times and it felt better and better each time. It also felt like it lasted longer and longer each time. Amazing!
    That's where the sensations stopped for me in that session. I was left with a big grin on my face though!

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