• New sensations

    Lube: glycerine based; Vaseline on Maximus.
    I swore to myself I wouldn't have another session when I was feeling tired. Well, I did.
    There is definite progress happening, but the pace is slow and ambling. No involuntaries yet, dammit. Well, I say that, but I am getting some slow movement from what I'm told is from peristalsis. There's a lingering in-out movement which takes about 5-10 seconds for a full cycle. It's very nice.
    This session got my penis got very hard (nothing new there) and it pulsed with my heartbeat (nothing new there, either). The new sensation was that these pulses were carried down to the prostate, which turned them into intense p-waves, possibly orgasmic.
    As I write this the following morning, without the Max, I'm still getting some aftershocks from this, and my body feels like it's glowing.

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      09/12/2011at2:08 pm

      Excellent again!! p-waves development (allowing, not seeking: no expectations) is the key to true orgasmic energies fulfilment and freedom.

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