• New sensation that one never expected

    Ok so since my last blog I had one session with both helix and eupho which was very average but I did still have the new nipple stimulation feeling happening.
    Last night I gave it a rest.
    Foot note:I went to the toilet twice and was empty.
    The body had other ideas and it was bloody 2:30am before I managed to get to sleep.
    dry O after dry O it was great, I loved it but at the same time getting on my nerves.
    Just no pleasing some people or their prostates!
    I woke up at 7:30am after a nightmare and was very alert but very relaxed still.
    Dont ask me! relaxed and alert after a nightmare does not sound right but that is how it was.
    Correct me if I am wrong but the rewiring process is the brain being rewired to eknowledge the feelings coming from the prostate and anal area as pleasure. Correct?
    Well I lay there and was relaxed, felt empty and there was no anerosless affect at play. )Rare now days(
    All of a sudden I could feel, like a flame travelling along a fuse wire to a bomb but the fuse was the end on my intestine to my rectum.
    I get this feeling sometimes in a session too as things are heating up.
    Anyway following this I could feel a mass, move millimeter by millimeter into my colon area and crash into my sphincter.
    As this was happening all my aneros twitching started up.
    I lay there thinking what just happened even though I am sure you have guessed by now what had.
    The anerosless session kept increasing and got under full way with a couple of dry Os.
    I thought this is a bit wrong but I can understand it.
    Well to put it bluntly my questions were answered by a burp from below and not long after my scrotum shrivelled up, and the stubble hair stood up.
    This from experience means, loaded and ready captain time to go to the toilet.
    So Of I went and there was the proof.
    Now I was empty again and Off went my anus on another hour of anerosless session until breakfast time.
    I never thought in my wildest dreams that my anus would become so sensitive as to feel the chamber being loaded.
    Squeegee aneros session maybe but not actually being loaded.
    Hope this one did not gross you out. I was Going to post it in the discussions page but thought better of it.

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