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    After my last blog post I ended up ordering a big brother for my Helix Classic, the Progasm Black Ice. I had to have the Progasm after I read the forums and blogs people wrote about it felling fuller and the pleasure it can give you if it auto fu*ks you. When I received the Progasm it had been a couple of days since my last Aneros session. My prostate was telling me it was ready to try it out and I was amped up to try it. I was able to put it in without an issue and immediately felt the fuller feeling. I kept it in for an hour and my body didn’t do anything besides a little leg twitch here and there which I figured this session was to get to know my new friend. Unfortunately, the next five or so sessions with both my Helix Classic and Progasm I could only get the leg shakes and nothing else, no moaning, no orgasm…..

    I posted a new topic on the Aneros forum titled “Get Moaning Again” looking for advice to help me with what I felt had been dud sessions lately.@rumel posted that maybe I was trying to make something more intense happen and just needed to “Just Let Go!”. After reading the “Just Let Go! forum I panicked because I thought I had killed my Aneros sessions because I was trying to hold back my moaning. I had a particularly loud session before I took the “rest days” and I was nervous my neighbors had herd me moaning loudly during it. Being an introvert, I didn’t want to have to explain the noises (they haven’t asked me yet so I think I am clear). For a couple of sessions since then I had been tying a winter scarf around my mouth, put a pillow over my face, in case I was going to moan or vocalize another way to see if that was my mental block but still nothing.

    I got home from work early today and figured I would have another ride and see how it went. I put a little Vaseline on my hole and on my Helix Classic and used a medicine dropper to insert lube in my hole and inserted the Helix. I laid on my back with my knees bent for a while and again all that was happening was my legs shaking. My legs and hip got tired from the shaking and holding that position for so long so while still lying on the floor I put my legs up on the couch for support. This helped me get more comfortable but after about 30 minutes of this position I was back to just legs shaking. I got bored and started looking on the Aneros Wiki and was looking at the other positions (side, back, stomach, etc..) and I figured I would try laying on my stomach again even though it had never worked in that position in previous sessions. I laid my stomach on a pillow and had my knees on the ground and butt in the air (sort of like doggy style). After a while it hit me…. this position finally worked for me. It offered me new sensations I hadn’t felt before, instead of my legs shaking uncontrollably my ass/glutes shook which moved the Helix to different pleasurable spots and it also hit deeper when why ass would contract. I didn’t let out any moans but I did let out a sound like I was trying to talk going over a bumpy road. After a couple rounds of pleasure in this “doggy stile position” my legs got tired so I figured I would try laying on my side and that position also worked.My lower leg was straight and my top leg was bent towards my chest and resting on a pillow. This position also offered me new sensations and at times it looked like I was humping the pillow due to the movements my body was making. After a while everything had died down so I kept the Aneros in and laid on my couch on my stomach and then it started up again. Every so often a wave of pleasure would wash over me and my ass would shake. The session ended because I had to answer my phone.

    About 6 hours after my Helix Classic session I wanted to see what my new Progasm Black Ice could do in these now positions I learned (addicted?). I got on the floor with my Progasm Black Ice in hand and my hole was still slick from the Vaseline from the afternoon session but I still reapplied it and also injected lube in my hole again. I inserted the Progasm while I was sitting on my knees kneeling and then I “assumed the position again”. I laid on the floor with my stomach on a pillow with my ass in the air. This time I did a couple of kegels to get it going and then it hit me. For a couple of rounds my ass/glutes started shaking again and waves of pleasure washed over me but nothing too intense. I held this position until my knees got sore and then I moved to the bedroom and did the same position but on the bed. This time when it would hit my ass would tighten up, drawing the Progasm deeper and my body would tense up in pleasure. This went on for many rounds and I would be out of breath from the pleasure each time it hit and wanting it to not stop and feeling the electricity radiating from my prostate. After a while I tried laying on my side but not much really happened and then my body stopped the session as no more waves came. I then went and took a shower to get ready for bed and to wash the Vaseline and lube off of me and my Progasm.

    Funny enough, after my shower I checked out the Aneros forums again and @sowithoutaneros had mentioned listening to what your prostate wants and going with it, might it be trying new positions. Ironically I had just done that for my last two sessions and it worked. Hopefully I am “back on track” now with re-wiring and following this journey. These last sessions weren’t duds it was just a teaching moment and telling me to not get stuck in a step by step list for each session and listen to my prostate more. I am glad I listened to my prostate and tried these new positions as now that I am sitting here I can feel my prostate buzzing with pleasure from my last session and my hole fells a little stretched from the bigger Progasm. Maybe i’ll go for another ride tomorrow, probably as I am addicted (LOL)

    What a journey!!

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      06/11/2020at3:15 pm

      Wow! I’m very encouraged by your progress. I have also found that changing positions can make a difference. I’ve never really tried using it while facing down like you described, but maybe I should.

      Not long ago I was having a session with my eupho trident. I was laying on my back as usual. I guess I must have been listening to my prostate, so I turned my body slightly to the right and put more weight on my right leg. It made a difference. I assume that it hit different spots than before. And shifting the weight more to one side created a muscle imbalance. I believe that made the involuntaries more intense. The funny thing is that this position doesn’t seem to do anything for me when I use my other Aneros toys. Each toy seems to have a different optimum position, but I’m assuming that it can change over time.

      I find that if I can deeply relax my mind and body, I somehow know what I have to do to have a good session.

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