• New Observations

    Another great session with the wife this evening 😀
    Tried Vaseline with a layer of Wet on top. Made for easy insertion, nice rocking it and squeezing it.
    Wife noticed that my balls were like non existent despite the fact I was wearing a cock ring and had a throbbing erection. I was also experiencing wonderful tingling and waves. She pushed and tugged on the device while it was inserted. Mmmmm Nice ride.
    She pushed the rabbit on high to my perineum and had a knee jerking orgasm after the BJ and the stroking. Actually pushed the Vice out when I came. First time with the Vice. Was an issue with the Naughty Boy and Big Boy Rocks Off products.
    Maybe too much lube if that is possible :)
    Will have to experiment more with the Vaseline. I think it may be a keeper. The forums say Shea Butter is # 1 so it is on my list to try it. More to cum…

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