• NEW HEIGHTS: I haven't touched the ceiling yet

    * Standing sensitises the prostate
    * Walking around helped a lot
    * Lightly jogging really helped a lot
    * Touching nipples carefully to complement
    * Openly allow erotic thoughts to flow via prostate massage
    * Vocal moaning = important
    * But -> embarrassing and noisy :)
    * Train of thought derails
    * Thought train blasts off at uncontrollable speeds
    * Urge to cum nears
    Well, damn.
    I thought it was the end of the journey for me, and searching for other goals would keep me entertained. My pleasures and sensations were as good as they'd get, and now I'm fully rewired. There's nothing more for me to uncover.
    That's technically true, but tonight launched me a little bit higher.
    So standing up works well with the Aneros, perhaps due to the gravity providing a counterbalance. I don't know the science, exactly, but I do ejaculate quicker when standing up masturbating. Regardless, the prostate becomes more sensitive to the Aneros. Even better: walking around. As I strolled to the kitchen, the feelings of the device rubbing couldn't be ignored. In fact, trying to ignore it would flare up an orgasm quickly. Eventually, I became horny to the point where I sped the pace up by lightly jogging on the spot. I've never had such a fast chain of Dry-O's in a long while.
    The main discovery here was working with the thighs, and partly knees. They shake when arousal builds, so I'm guessing that standing helped to ground the sensations and stop them from being shaken off. )Maybe that's why the knee shakes when we're anxious: as a means of numbing the fear(
    Eventually the prostate was worked to a degree that it switched 'on', and buzzed. No more walking around seemed to be required. So to compliment it: lightly touching the nipples. Before in my sessions, I'd make the mistake of getting impatient and just strum them like a guitar. The second they get touched, the arousal sparks up. I treated them more as a shortcut. Not here. Just a quick rub, and I let my mind do the rest. This is something the Wiki brings up, and it's now that this piece of advice makes a lot of sense.
    Leading on from the nipples, near the end of the session an idea struck my brain — one that I'm surprised had evaded me for years.
    Sensations are built up from imagery in my head. Imagery and sensations work with one another, like the Aneros and prostate! It's how arousal forms, and grows. What would happen when masturbating is the sensations automatically call for erotic imagery )and vice versa in my mid-teens( — my brain is wired to begin a feedback loop of providing sensations with imagery. The imagery in turn reacts to the sensations. My thoughts are almost influenced beyond my control here, especially near the point of no return.
    This is even more noticeable when stimulating the nipples. The second they are rubbed, my mind is predisposed to start generating erotic imagery almost without consent. The feedback loop begins, albeit with a Dry-O as a result.
    And what were to happen if I applied this knowledge to prostate massage? Quickly after wondering, I gave it a try. Focus was placed in allowing erotic imagery to just generate from the sensations of the prostate. My abdomen began to flutter and heat up like never before. My excitement was fizzing, yet I remained completely relaxed. My mind kept at it: just let the imagery roll out and respond to the prostate sensations. The imagery came faster, and harder. It was becoming kinkier and savage in response to the strong pleasure. In turn, I couldn't resist moaning. This, too, built up the fast-building energy. Everything was fusing together, almost uncontrollably. For the first time, the Super-O was beginning to appear.
    My moaning was getting louder and louder as I let myself go. This is it! I might actually cum if this goes on.
    It didn't. I stopped. I gave in to fears that my moans would be heard )and worse yet, wake up neighbours(. My body and mind just dropped it out of embarrassment, but oh well! Personally, even if this would have been a Super-O, it wouldn't been worth it to having people question my solo performance.
    But it remains: this newfound knowledge may help a lot in future sessions. )It won't( In the three years of using Aneros, I have NEVER felt myself become so lost to the orgasms. Everything I've heard about the Super-O now has much more clarity: the loss of reality, the full-body pleasures, the roaring. Now I know for sure, without a doubt, this was the fabled orgasm.
    It's a massive bummer that it felt like vocal moaning made a lot of this possible! Someone who moans is truly loosing themselves to the pleasure, and I just can't bring myself to do that. Not that loudly, at least. I had a hunch that allowing myself to moan would break down some barriers, yet privacy comes above all else.
    There have been other users who've achieved Super-O's without the need for such, so perhaps the same can be said for me. What a night.
    Also: more precum!

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