• New feelings without Aneros

    During last nights session I had very obvious p-waves for the first time along with some other new sensations, particularly in the lower part of my stomach.
    Throughout today I've frequently felt similar sensations, but without the aneros. They're a lot more subtle but they're still bringing me some pleasure! My toes have curled a few times.
    I also have that butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach, and it occasionally works its way up my body, or appears in other places. Just now I felt a warm tingly feeling in my hands. I was doing some work earlier and I had to stop for a few seconds because of the pleasurable sensations coming from my anus and lower abdomen. This is great! feel like I finally understand what everyone else is talking about on the forums. It seems as though everything is dropping in to place. All it took was a bit of work on my breathing and relaxation!
    I really feel like I'm making progress here. My body is buzzing with sexual energy. I'm so desperate for a session but I'm going to have to wait til tomorrow. I have a feeling my prostate will be waking me up a few times tonight…

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