• New Beginnings and big sensations

    Id like to share my experiences with you all and journal them here –although I’m only six months into my journey with aneros-some recent developments have convinced me there is really something to all this- and that the aneros is something like a key that opens a whole new world beyond the sexual – but more on that later.
    Some summary background before I begin: I have enjoyed masturbating with anal toys for many years although only encountered the Aneros six months ago when I purchased my Progasm Ice.
    About three tears ago I read a book on Taoist energy and the male reproductive systems which changed my whole approach to masturbation. I learnt to retain my semen throughout ejaculation. And the benefits to my life in general were almost immediate. I had more energy and enjoyed a better state of mind in general.
    Now six months in with the Progasm, sessions have yielded varied results-mostly subtle but also at times sublime! I tried like a noob does in the beginning to actively work at inducing results utilizing various positions and kegel excersises and weed and porn but have now ultimately surrendered to more or less one position with my focus on breathing. Porn and weed definitely help to get me in a hot frame of mind though heh
    Now my last two sessions have been less interesting than what has transpired between those sessions. I have begun to experience spontaneous aless which began with a fizzing or wormlike sensation in my anal opening- not an unpleasant feeling but as I was about to discover just an indication of some stirrings… That sensation has now given way to a deep ache in my tailbone and alternating pressure in my perienium which which sends waves of euphoric sweetness up through my body –I can feel it now as I write this-and I find it usually happens if I am driving on one occasion I was just standing but more often occurs while I am sitting on a firm chair or surface with my body weight doing all the work. More intense sensations can be had by spreading my ass cheeks while I sit there..
    Anyway back to what I mentioned earlier that the aneros is the key to..tantra?? kundalini?? call it what you will- I like to think of it as the energetic circuit that is the body and the reclamation of that power and how the awareness of this energy systems has implications for ones greater life outside and well beyond simple sexual satisafaction.
    Well that’s all for now
    In the meantime I look forward to further adventures –and communicating with some of you other asstronauts out there ;)

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