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    I think I finally understand what a prostate orgasm feels like. In the past i believe i was wishing i had one but it was more of a traditional orgasm in disguise. I usually had to have some form of penis contact to initiate a orgasm and most of the time they ended with ejaculation. Todays session however was totally different. I had some alone time and it was a nice warm day so i just relaxed naked on my bed and let things happen. Almost imediatly i was able to relax and get a warm feeling in my groin, I tried a little nipple stim and my prostate pulsed and i had some very light back to back contractions. the warm feelings continued with more lite pulsing and as occasional soft contraction deep inside, not like a traditional pc contraction. This went on for about 15 minutes I have never had this much activity a-less before. I decided its time to try the aneros, I lubed my ass with a finger and some water based lube, I then lubed my ps-new with some coconut oil topped off with more gel lube. I put it in and relaxed on my back legs up. with in minutes i could feel the aneros as if it was filling my rectom and warmly pressing on my prostate. I relaxed and enjoyed, then a warm rush a couple of pulses and two or three very light internal contractions like i have not really felt before. they subsided and came back again. there was a build up of good feelings then the pulsing and contractions. Very light nothing like a traditional orgasm contraction. This happened three or for times with a few minutes in between. Things calmed down so I swithched to my Helix synn. I have been going back and forth between two models during a session, when things calm down I switch to the other one. Today I think that backfired because when I switched it was like having to start all over again. I was able to get some results with the helix but not as nice so I switched back again. after a little while I was able to get the pulsing and contractions going again. I have never had this happen before it would build do its thing and then subside, rest and build again. I think it was some form of a real prostate orgasm. They felt very nice they where very subtle and warm. After one hour and a half i decided to stop. I usually do not go this long and did not even realize it was that long. I laid there after removing my device and just relaxed. I decided to see if I could get a erection and started playing with myself, almost instantly i had the urge that i was going to come i was not even hard at all. I stopped because i was not intending to ejaculate after my session. i was able to hold back and then my cock just leaked some clear fluid. I Think it was built up pre cum from my session. i decided to clean up. I was all relaxed and washed out like i had had a real intense sex session. i think I will stick to only one model per session from here on the alternating is a distraction. I truley believe this was the first time i really experienced prostate pleasure and not traditional orgasm pleasure. Not a super o by any means but very encouraging. Looking forward to more pleasure in the future if I can get the house alone again.

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      02/26/2018at2:12 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experiences! You may find a feeling like you are going to enaculate but if you keep your hands off your penis, it will not happen. The feeling may keep growing along with precum and may lead to full body orgasms. Just enjoy the journey! Personally have yet to experience a HFWO but have had lots of dry Os! Usually do not get hard either although sometimes it grows a bit and flops around.

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