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    Hey everyone, Just dropping my first blog here. I’ve been into prostate play for close to 5 years now, I’m 33 and I’m desperetely waiting for my Aneros Helix Trident massager that arrives tomorrow. I’ve found a few pleasant ways to masturbate but since discovering my interest and love for prostate play because of the amazing pleasures that I have discovered, this has been that greatest discovery in masterbation. I can’t wait to try out my Aneros since this is my first ever prostate massager in the Aneros brand that I’ve ever tried. I’ll love to share my experience as soon as I get this rightly inside me.

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      09/09/2020at4:04 pm

      Sounds like me, hope it went ok and am keen to know the result, mine has arrived and initial play feels nice, I just need to calm down and relax.

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