• Never judge the PERIDISE by its look or size

    Since getting into prostate play I had been experimenting with some different massagers. I suppose like most people starting out it did take many sessions, and some different techniques before I finally got to reach my first Prostate (or Super “0”) orgasm. That experience happened using the Helix Trident and was completely out of the blue. As usual (and where possible) I usually always try to take a dump before a session and on that particular evening I had been lying down (helix inserted) and I was going through my breathing and relax exercise. I happened to fall asleep when suddenly I was woken by a surging type of pleasure that appeared to be building from my anus and expanding out through my body. These pleasure surges continued until they came to a peak, and with a lot of body shaking and moaning I experienced my first prostate orgasm(s). It was long lasting and fantastic.
    I also had some good results with using a butt plug, though I felt that these plugs are difficult to insert and remove, and the resulting PO is somewhat reduced by them. So I’m looking through the net and I happened to see an Aneros Peridise. Like from the image of the item it looked quite large and actually included 2 plugs. On reading about it I was surprised to find that apparently it will self vibrate even tho its just a solid piece of plastic like material with no means to get it vibrating? Anyway I placed an order and it duly arrived. At first glance I was kinda shocked by the small size of the plugs. I thought they were bigger –they looked bigger on the particular website. There are two plugs supplied. I suppose the larger one is for the man –and that’s the one I went for. As I looked at it I was saying to myself this thing is so small and not much is going to happen with it –it really looks like a small toy! Sometimes I will insert a plug when going to bed and enjoy an early morning pleasure session as I find this time to be the best for prostate orgasm arousal.
    Now this Peridise has instructions and its basically to lube it well (which I done) and just insert the head of it into your anus, Apparently then you can contract your anal muscle(s) to draw it in further after insertion. I would normally sleep in T shirt and briefs and the plug felt very comfortable getting into bed. I was flexing my anus to get the plug to sit fully home. I fell asleep. I got woken a few hours later by –of all things- my legs shaking! I never experienced this before? Included with this was a building of pleasure, really strong and centered around my anus. Wanting to go back to sleep I turned in the bed to off-set this, but I was hit by more involuntary leg shaking and I really felt pleasure waves building. For some reason the leg shaking appeared to be setting off these strong waves. I felt that I couldn’t breathe properly. I was now wide awake and I was shaking along with the bed. Wave after wave was going right thru me. I was starting to moan and grip the top of the mattress with both hands. I was trying my best to obtain a position in the bed that might allow me more control over the situation. I remember feeling my briefs were wet and sticky – when suddenly my body went into a convulsion and I got hammered by a massive P wave.. OMG OMG.. Massive waves were hitting in quick succession. I really thought I was going to suffocate! For a second or two they stopped and I got more leg shaking and the waves repeated over and over again. I thought I could see flashing lights and felt my whole face going contorted. I was biting down on the pillow. OMG there is no let up.. There was so much pleasure packed into every one of these peak waves that I done my best to ride on every one of them . I got a quick look at the clock, and guessed I had been awake for about 40 mins. There was no let- up in the intensity of these orgasms. I just couldn’t take any more. The leg shaking was triggering them and I was going to have to pull out the plug. Otherwise it was going to be a vicious erotic circle that I just wasn’t able to handle. As I was reaching to take out the plug I got more leg shaking, and then it dawned on me “is this the way this device goes about self vibrating” –so it makes sure your anus /prostate is well messaged -fully and automatically? After the plug came out I lay there totally exhausted, and as I was drinking some water there were still little semi-orgasms firing off on their own that kept coming from my anus until I finally fell asleep.
    In conclusion I should probably offer an apology to the Peridise for taking it at its face value and judging it by size and shape that it was nothing more than a simple toy. Now I’m convinced that this is the most powerful plug that to date I have ever used. It has the awesome power to literally bring me –a 12.5 stone man to my knee’s .

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