• My well is filling up.

    I have borrowed this analogy from one of @goldenboy’s recent blogs, thank you GB.
    Looking into my own “well” these past couple of days I noticed that while it surely was low it was not completely empty, there was still something in there but, it was just out of reach. But it seems that Mother Nature has kindly been topping up the well while I was not looking and now find that it has almost been fully replenished. I can now dip into it and enjoy some of the benefits, a whiff of perfume, a pert pair of breasts as they dance up and down beneath a flimsy top, the thought of an upcoming session, all seem to quench my thirst a little but at the same time add fuel to the fire. Or is it just that Spring is in the air?

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      03/28/2018at8:52 am

      @Harper Thanks for the nod! I think it will finally warm-up a little by the end of the week and perhaps that will be the beginning of new erotic sensations as we (finally) prepare for the welcomed arrival of spring!

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