• My trip to California…and the all day orgasm in Wine Country…

    I have two stories to talk about…I’ll give you all the first one. I went on a work trip to California last week. Obviously California has legal weed therefore I was able to really cater to enhancing my prostate sessions. My first stop off of the airplane was at a dispensary. I got some sativa strain edibles. Over the following two days my intake of it was VERY minimal. Then on the weekend decided to head to Wine Country. I wasnt driving therefore I took 20 mg worth of THC. What I experienced from this point was basically an all day orgasm that I guess was as close to a calm seas orgasm. Obviously I could feel the high…but I could also feel the relaxing nature of me kegeling towards my prostate. Some of the same motions that I first attained on my journey returned. That fluttering sense of euphoria was ever present. The kegels danced all around my prostate and every time I needed to piss I would check my underwerar and there would be small spots where precum was leaking out….nothing absurd seeing as I dont precum much…but at least it was noticeable by me. In order to keep this pleasure I really limited my alcohol intake…only having two glasses of wine all day. What an amazing day…I envy those that live in legal weed states.

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