• My Three Big Really Good Buddies: Aneros Session for October 10 & 12, 2012

    Hi guys,
    I think for now on I will not be as detailed in my blog postings except when something noteworthy with the Aneros takes place.
    Early Wednesday morning, I had a scheduled Aneros session. First I began with the Progasm Classic. He slipped in fairly easily. We had a fairly good session that lasted perhaps a good twenty minutes. Then I slipped over to the Maximus which delivered me a really good prostate and anal canal massage which lasted a good 45 minutes. That prepared me for a wonderful time with the Progasm Ice. This really good buddy slipped in the hilt with the P-tab positioned against my perineum and the K-tab right against my tail bone (coccyx). The Progasm Ice delivered me a good, vigorous massage both to my prostate and anal canal which lasted a good half-hour. Finally I concluded the session with more action from the Maximus, a good fifteen minutes worth. Total time: around 1 hour, 45 minutes.
    I couldn't linger long for savoring my afterglow, but had to depart soon afterward to my Wednesday volunteer work and a lecture in the evening. Nevertheless, my Anerosing left me rejuvenated and reinvigorated, not to mention what my reawakened prostate and well-massaged butt was doing to me pretty much the whole day! 🙂
    Now this morning, October 12, I believe I have had my best Aneros session yet! I began with the Progasm Classic. Again my big bruiser didn't slip in as easily as I wanted, so I spent a good fifteen minutes performing Kegels upon him and relaxing with him. Then I switched to the Maximus for a good massage session with him lasting a good half-hour. That prepared me for the Progasm Ice during which my session really took off! My really big good buddy slipped into the hilt, again with his abutment tabs corrected positioned upon my perineum and coccyx. Now this morning, I discovered a secret about the Progasm. Both Progasm Classic and Ice slip in easily if I both breathe rhythmically and Kegel at the same time during which both models of the Progasm are "locked" into place. That is when sessions with both these models really take off! This morning I also discovered that if I breathe rhythmically and do some Kegels at the same time, that sets in motion the autof**king, the massaging action in a real BIG way. Oh boy, first the Progasm Ice delivered a really full, aggressive massage during which both my prostate and anal canal were really worked over, shall I say, really fucked over? I had a really wild ride with the Progasm Ice during which I really felt the massage action of my loving stud. What was really wonderful was that I could visualize all this in my mind which enhanced even more the exquisite pleasure which I derived from the Progasm Ice, just P-waves and mini-O's galore, and crescendos of absolute Anerosing pleasure. This lasted a good half-hour. Then I switched back to his brother, big bruiser Progasm Classic, and again virtually same experience, a wild ride of exquisite sweetness for another thirty minutes!
    I concluded the session with another fifteen minutes with the Maximus and another fifteen minutes the Progasm Ice. I wanted to sample some more Anerosing pleasures with these guys, but I was becoming fatigued and so had to end the session. Session duration: 2 hours.
    This morning I am savoring an afterglow of such sweetness, such lingering pleasure of such good exercise upon my prostate and anal sphincter muscles. Once again I kegel a little and I experience one chairgasm after another. This afterglow will last for the rest of the day, even into tomorrow, Saturday. But I am planning on having a session late tomorrow afternoon to round out an amazing week.
    I end the blog entry with another finding: My overall health has improved a great deal from my Aneros sessions. My walk has a greater spring. There are times when when I experience walkinggasms in my walks. That is when I have to exercise some care when such episodes happen. Also my anal canal and sphincter muscles have been greatly strengthened as well. Hence I can kegel easily outside of sessions and even during sessions such as this morning when I worked with both the Progasm Classic and Ice. And there is that at times that overwhelming warmth and sweetness emanating from my reawakened prostate which pervades my entire sexual apparatus and even floods my whole body, even my whole consciousness! Could have I awakened my Kundalini in a mighty way??? Take care!

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