• My thoughts on pornography and Aneros sessions

    Hi guys,
    Recently I saw a thread on the Aneros Forum on cutting out pornography out of one's life as it relates to Aneros sessions. The thought, which is valid, is that pornography is a distraction from having successful or fulfilling Aneros sessions. I agree up to a point. The Aneros Directions for Use advise new, even advanced Aneros users from even masturbating one's penis during an Aneros session. Such stimulation short circuits the Aneros process during which one must focus open the prostate and areas surrounding that organ. This same thing could be said about pornography.
    In my case, I think I should give a brief history of porn use in my life. I lived a fairly pristine, innocent life as a boy and teenager growing up in Northwestern Connecticut. When I was 16, I discovered my father's stash of porn, actually some novels on the sexual life of Fanny Hill. It was straight porno. Sexual relations between my parents had ceased pretty much by then. My dad apparently before going off to work relied on this porn to aid in his masturbation fantasies for sexual release.
    When I was a freshman and sophomore in college, I fell in with a group of football players who once saw a blue movie featuring a gang bang to fuel their circle jerk. Then early in my sophomore year, some of these guys took me to a porno shop where I purchased a couple gay sex novels. All this was both exciting and novel at the time.
    When I went off to graduate school, all this went underground for a few years. But it was only when I moved here that I encountered porno big time. This was in 1979. But it was a good twenty years later that I got rid of my sizable porn collection. It too had become a major distraction for me.
    With the advent of the Internet in the 1990's, it become very easy to find pornography again. Over the years, however, I have stayed away from bad, raunchy porn, and have focused upon pornography which depicts more lofty facets of love and sex, both gay and straight.
    Now, I may view pornography to fuel my arousal for the Aneros. But really that happens only occasionally. Just thinking about my Aneros models and the pleasure they give me fuels my sessions. It is much better that way.
    Take care!

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