• My SO edging exercise and practice

    Hi guys,

    For the few weeks, I have been meaning to post a blog entry detailing my SO edging exercise and practice.

    Before I get to the body of this post, one of the most important dictums of Aneros directions for us is Penis Not for guys beginning their Aneros journey. An Aneros beginner has to learn and master the ropes of using the Aneros. He also has to experience the awakening of his prostate through using the Aneros. It is essential that he leaves his penis out of the equation. Once his prostate awakens, he experience his Alessness, the sweetness of Aless outside of his Aneros sessions. He experiences P-waves and such experiences as chairgasms, walkinggasms, or orgasms that come unawares upon him in bed at night. Thus he truly has embarked on his Aneros journey.

    For me, the sweetness that has comes from my nearly eight Aneros journey was prepared many years ago by more intense jockstrap and athletic cup fetish happened during my pubescence and adolescence when jocks and cups were mandatory for athletics in the 1950’s and 60’s. Wearing a jockstrap or a jock/cup combo to bed often focuses my attention open my “man area” (using MLB great, Mark Littell, inventor of the Nutty Buddy athletic cup). Doing this has been over the years so powerful, so sweet, so sexual!!! -:)

    This SO edging exercise and practice nowadays begins when I diddle my nipples. Every flick of my nipples sends a signal to my genitals that I am ready to play. There two basic movements of nipple diddling I use. The first is basically a back and forth movement of my fingers across my nipples. It has gotten to the point that I use the gentlest of strokes, though often the strokes may be heavier. The second is circular motion of my fingers generally around my aureoles or the nipples themselves. I am getting really horny as I type this. Both types of nipple diddling often send me into the orbit of sexual sweetness.

    Now here is when my penis comes into play. I do not masturbate or jack my penis. I do not have to. Yes, nipple diddling is reflected in how my prostate responds. I can felt has individual nipple flicks is felt upon various areas of my prostate or even its interior. My nipple diddling is reflected in various areas of my cock, from my cock root, all the way up my cock shaft, to my frenular delta (I am circumcised) and my Glans itself. So sweet and powerful. That is why wear a jockstrap or a jock/cup combo often to bed even now to accentuate my genital pleasure!

    Oh how I miss @goldenboy’s prolific and detailed blog entries on the PONR, edging, and other insightful topics! It is good to reflect on the PONR, the point-of-no-return, when a guy masturbates or has sex. Experienced guys who have pleasurable sex with their partners with staying power or can masturbate as long as possible reflect on the PONR. They know when they go over the edge to orgasm and ejaculation, they will have a powerful, satisfying climax.

    For me, I think of the image of climbing a mountain of sexual arousal. As you climb this mountain, the air becomes rarefied and the mountain climb becomes a heady experience. That was my experience when I experienced my first successful orgasm and ejaculation of semen as an adolescent at age 14. It was a memorable experience in that stroking my cock was a stroking of destiny that beautiful night so many years ago! So as a guy climbs his mountain of sexual arousal and becomes intoxicated by the rarefied air, he may view at the summit of this mountain, the temple of the PONR, where he may enter to have his climax. This is where edging comes in. Experienced guys learn to edge or surf at the PONR for maximum and satisfactory pleasure.

    So now, actually for many weeks, I can induce SO’s through diddling my nipples in bed at night and quite often in the daytime if I have some privacy. SO edging for me consists of performing the Kegel Exercises in the midst of experiencing a SO. I try to extend the pleasure and intensity of a SO through a Kegel or several. This consists of my SO edging exercise and practice, which happens just about every night in bed.

    Take care!

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