• My Second Tryst

    I obtained my Tempo by winning it here on the Forum. HIH was holding a contest some ten or twelve years ago. The challenge was to write what Aneros meant to you and how it changed you; the prize was a new Aneros Syn, which had just been introduced. I was urged by several guys in the Forum that read my blog to submit my personal story. I wrote my story and submitted it. To my surprise I won. When I was notified, I asked the company if I might get a Tempo instead of the Syn. Tempo had been out for a while and I wanted one; I had not gotten around to buying one yet. They agreed.

    A few weeks later my Tempo arrived in the mail. Later that week I tried it. It was an instant success. It was vastly more effective and responsive than my Eupho which was my favorite Aneros device until then. From that first insertion my Tempo was my go to Aneros; now it’s all I use.
    At that same time I did the contest I was communicating with a fellow Aneros user about meeting for a shared session and more. He was my second hook up with a bicurious married guy for sex. My first foray into M-M sex was quick and unceremonious. We were both too nervous to really explore the mental and full physical dimensions of our desires. this time it would be different. Also this time we would use Aneros together.

    We had been communicating for some time, doing the cautious dance that I needed to do to be safe and private. We were 2 bi-curious married guys who were interested in a one time meet up to explore our shared fantasy of having sex with a guy. Neither of us wanted to have an affair or a long term relationship. We wanted a safe trusted partner to investigate the dimensions of our sexuality with. So after months of chat and a phone call we agreed to meet the following week. I would be near him for a job I was doing. I agreed to get the hotel room for out tryst.

    I counted the days until our meet up with impatience bordering on desperation. Each time I thought about being with him, I got an erection and my pulse and breathing speeded up. Once we agreed to meet and confirmed the time and location, I fantasized about what it would be like. I marveled at how fast my cock got hard and began to drip when I thought about getting together with him for sexual pleasure. Aneros has increased the amount of pre cum I make and it flows at the least erotic thought like that moment. This was the new rewired me I thought.

    Finally the day came for our long awaited time together. I had steamy dreams about the tryst during the night before, I woke up with one of my hardest erections. Even though I was not on any ED meds, it seemed like I was always erect. There was an erotic desperation in the days leading up to our tryst. However that morning as I prepared to do the drive south, I no longer felt any desperation. My impatience was replaced by anticipation and desire; it was a kind of sexual desire I hadn’t felt in years.

    My heart was pounding in my chest and my penis was throbbing; my breathing reflected the excitement I was feeling as I got into my car. I knew what he looked like from pictures he sent me. More importantly I knew what his cock looked like; I wanted it. I mooned over pictures of his beautiful penis. I liked the fact that I could have sex with a partner that had the same equipment as me. I knew how to use it to elicit intense pleasure; the same went for his man pussy. I knew what to do to his anal canal to make him wince in ecstasy. I envisioned him naked in my arms in bed in the hotel; that image was mercilessly tugging at my penis and taunting it to harden and drip the sap of my arousal. An unknown strange new desire permeated my body and my mind; it was the desire for a man.

    In the shower that morning my anus was tingling with a hunger that told me I was ready for MMO. I had always been curious about male sexual response and sexuaality; now with rewiring I felt a deep longing for male sexual intimacy; it consumed me. I had made the commitment to transform my curiousity into experience. Moreover I was not afraid or embarassed to seek the beautiful sensuality of male intimacy. I saw an erect penis as a thing of beauty that was capable of so much more than simple ejaculation. It was a locus to express tender affection, caressed and kissed it could communicate so much to a partner. The same for a male anus. Darwin on the Forum termed it a “man pussy”. He was right it really was. All the same pleasures a women can reap from the sexual function of her vagina, a man can realize from his anus. I wanted to manipulate a male partners man pussy to coax the same orgasmic rapture from him that I experienced with anal penetration. I wanted to watch him quake in orgasmic fury and have his face contort as intensely profound pleasurable sensations robbed him of his rational thought and reduce him to a quavering mass of aching ecstasy.
    That fateful day I realized I wanted more than the zip- less fuck I had the first time. I wanted this to be an intimate sexual experience and investigation of the full dimensions of male desires. I wanted intimacy with a man yet I knew more than wanting it, I needed it. I needed to have my cock caressed, kissed and sucked by a man, I needed to feel his passion harden his penis as I held it and parted his cock slit with my tongue. I wanted to make him ejaculate as I held his pulsing shaft in a firm yet loving grip. I needed to give myself over to a male lover and put him in charge of my penis and anus to give me sexual pleasure. This in particular would be a new role for me, passive sexual partner.

    The day and the drive went by quickly. Soon I was in the hotel at the front desk signing the registration for a room. I had signed into hotels hundreds of times before. But this time it was different. I was registering for a room with a good looking sexy younger man to share my bed. My anus was throbbing in syncopation to my cock root as I gave the clerk my charge card. With the key in hand I went up to my room. I wondered if the clerk could sense the sexual tension that was gripping my mind and body.

    I entered the room and closed the door behind me. It was the characteristic heavy door of this particular hotel chain ; it closed with authority. I was comforted by that. Although I was emboldened to be there toi seek the pleasure I was seeking I was still nervous about being found out. In this secluded anonymous room the passion play of my fantasies with a male lover would soon be performed. I needed it to be private and secret. I felt a sudden sense of relief tinged with anticipation. I was behind closed doors, hidden away waiting.
    For the first time in over a year I had this overwhelming sense of being grounded about my bisexuality and my commitment to acknowledge and pursue this new dimension of my erotic desire. Behind that heavy door I was safe as I prepared to follow the new path I was about to embark on. I was amazed at the depth of the need that consumed me.

    The level of my arousal was beyond anything I had felt in years. It was as if suddenly I was a young man on the precupice of his first sexual experience. The surreal siren song of sensual eroticism was singing softly in my ear; it enchanted me at this moment in this place. I had not heard the rich resonance of her melody in that way for years. However, like everything at that moment, this time the melody and the voice were different; this time it was a sexy man singing it. I was aroused, vulnerable and nervous. I knew how beautiful I thought his cock was; I wondered if he thought mine was equally attractive. I was twenty years his senior, even though I was in great shape and I thought I was sexy I wondered if my age and imperfection that comes with age would be disappointing to him.

    It was quiet and calm as the glowing light from the hotel parking lot glistened through the gauze curtains that separated this dark and cozy warm room from the quiet chill outside. The only light in the room was indeed from the illumination through the curtains.
    I did not turn on any lights. The blackness inside the room comforted me. I stood in the darkness of the room and let it wrap around me and let it assuage my nervousness. My conscience was at peace but ironically my mind, cock and anus were gripped by cloying sexual desire. My heart was pounding in my chest. I was extremely aroused in the quiet dark of the room. Darkness allowed me to hide inside myself and savor the intense sensations that were taunting me. My solitude would soon be gone and I would be psychological and sexually exposed as I welcomed my male lover into my bed. Soon this room would accomodate two naked men entwined in each other’s newly unbridled passions. So many times when I was in MMO sessions alone in a hotel room I used homoerotic fantasizes to fuel my orgasmic pleasure with an Aneros in my anus stimulating wild thoughts and unthinkable pleasures with a man. Tonight was the night those fantasies would be a reality. The man I was with would be inducing my anal orgasmic euphoria.

    Instinctively I opened my duffel and took out the kit bag that held my Aneros devices. I removed the Tempo; it was ice cold from being in the trunk of my car for 5 hours. I love the fact that it is steel and it is cold. The steel gives it the authority of a medical device and steel also represents strength in my mind. I wanted the sex that night to be tender and intimate but I also wanted to experience the strength and control of a man doing me. As I held the Tempo, I remembered the chilling sensuality of feeling it s coldness penetrate my man pussy the first time. I thought of him see my anus aroused and ready that night and having him inserting it in me. I had always been emboldened to show off my cock to on line friends on cam and with my first guy in person. However the thought of exposing my anus to a man for sexual pleasure was a bit embarrassing. However, despite its vulgarity, exposing my anus to a man and having him give me pleasure there was incredibly arousing. Soon I thought to myself, soon.
    I held the Tempo in my hand and walked to the window. I then drew the curtains open slowly to see if I could pick out his car; he told me what he drove but it was too dark out to discern the model of a car. There was no sign of him or any other car the lot was almost empty . I stood for quite a while drinking in the solitude of a somewhat empty parking lot. I liked the idea that there were few people in the hotel; it made me feel like this meeting was in a hidden place that no one knew about.

    An artificial calm settled over me as I turned away from the window and willed myself to wait patiently. I drew the gauze curtains back together. I liked the diffuse effect they gave the light that penetrated them to give a room a somewhat romantic aura. I wanted this to be romantic but I just couldn’t do candles. Candles I felt, were a little too “over the top”. The filtered street light gave the room a sultry “Film Noir” intrigue. I felt all kinds of new emotions standing in the silence of the darkened room with my erection throbbing in my pants as I waited for a male sex partner. I was suddenly enshrouded by a sense of concealment from the narrow minded judgment of society and its disdain for what I was about to do.

    I decided to take a shower to be ready for him and steady my nerves. I got undressed and turned on the lights in the room. Standing naked in the light of the room I looked in the full length mirror on the wall. I admired my erection as I stood in profile. I was always very proud of it and I was anxious to show it off to him.

    I went into the bathroom and again I looked in the mirror over the sink at my tall slim nude form. I liked admiring my nude body especially my erect cock; it looked so sexy erect. My cock is almost 9 inches erect; I am a tall guy at 6 foot 6 inches and 205 lbs. I am slim. Looking at my own aroused penis on my flat abs always turned me on. There was something serenely erotic about standing naked in admiring the single feature that made me a man as it stood aroused and hard. The eroticism of sharing my nude arousal with a man I barely knew added to the eroticism of the moment.
    I took my shower and decided to shave my cock and balls once more. I had done them a few days earlier but there was a little bit of stubble on my balls. I wanted them to be smooth and perfect for him. Beyond that, smooth skin on my penis and balls is so much more sensitive and responsive. As I shaved my balls my cock slit began to drip pre cum; it always does that. I pondered whether it was the act and the sensation or the thought of why I was doing it that made me drip like that.

    As I admired my own rigid masculinity, slowly and inexorably my libido began to tug on my penis making it ache in arousal. Extended in a cantilevered position from my groin the dripping precum became more profuse. I was leaking the telltale sap of my desire. The tingle of arousal was making droplets of precum form at my cock slit as it fed a stream that was running down my shaft. Simultaneously my anus was tingling; it had truly become a sex organ in the last year or so.

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