• My Second Encounter

    Last night in a chat with Brine he asked me to do an entry describing my second liaison with a guy. Brine and a few others have asked about my twice venture into male – male sexual intimacy in the last two years. It is difficult to describe the experience without putting it into context. In a recent chat Brine and few of us were explaining MMO / Super O to a newbie. Brine commented that it was an integrated physical – mental – spiritual thing. He is absolutely right.
    For the last 20 years I have been engaged in a discovery process to understand my sexuality. I dipped my toes into Tantra, Zen, Kundalini, edging, anal penetration and erotic massage to name a few. There were also workshops, strip clubs, gay bars, books, pod casts and myriad toys and porn. The frustration of all of them was that they all seemed to fall short or they required a life change to really engage. I was not ready to become a monk or a sex worker LOL.
    Then 8 years ago quite by chance I was surfing the net looking for porn when I wound up on the Aneros site. I ordered my first toy exactly 8 years ago this month. That following year was dedicated to learning to use it. When I had been successful for 8 months or so the rewiring process started. By the end of that year I was rewired. My sexual response, spirituality, physical – sexual capability, and mental state were all synched and in a sense I was sexually reborn.
    Part of what came with “being sexually reborn” was becoming a highly sexual person. I am not bi, hetero, gay or anything else ….. I am sexual. I get aroused by women, by men, by myself or by a number of other stimuli such as a place, a situation or music. It took rewiring to bring all these sources together in me. Finally at 56 years old )at the time( I had enough sexual self confidence to admit to myself that I found male sexuality and sexual response arousing and that I wanted to be with guys. It took me 3 years to get up the nerve to do it.
    The above realization was the motivation for my first male sexual encounter. That first one was intriguing but I was too nervous to fully understand or appreciate it. That was the motivation for my second one. The second encounter was as much for curiosity as it was a response to arousal. There were certain things I was too nervous to try the first time, so a second attempt was worth doing.
    What follows )for all those who have asked me( is the narrative of that event.
    It was almost a year ago that this hook up occurred. The way I was connected with this second guy was through a long time female friend on another site. I had been a member of this other site for 6 years, and have known this female friend from that site since the beginning of my membership there. The guy I connected with was an on line sex chat friend of the girl I knew from the site.
    These two had been sex chatting for a few years and recently stopped. She told me that he had confided in her numerous times of his fantasy of being with a guy for the first time. She knows me very well and she knew him extremely well; she suggested to him that he contact me directly. She did indeed verify for me that he was a good friend of hers and that she had suggested we connect, so that when he did contact me I was expecting his call and welcomed it.
    He lives in New Jersey near Rutgers University where he is a research person. He was 38 at the time of our meeting a year ago. He is a person who I would describe as thin and lanky; he is a runner so he has a body that is lean and bandy and muscular at a little over 6 foot tall. His dark hair is short and tousled; I would characterize him as a decent looking guy according to the on line pic I got from him. We exchanged nude and clothed pictures; his cock was gorgeous and indeed it was what attracted me to him more than his face. After a two month chat on line we agreed that the best place to meet was in NYC, where we both frequently have work related meetings.
    I booked a hotel room for two nights for a trip that I had in two weeks from the day we agreed to meet. I took a room in midtown at a Hampton Inn near Madison Square Garden where anonymity for both of us was guaranteed. We agreed to meet at a bar / grill for lunch that was several doors down from the hotel. In that I was there the night before, I was at the bar first, before he arrived.
    I recognized him instantly before he saw me. He looked much more attractive in person than his picture on line did. I was really pleased. I was immediately a little nervous with the 25 year difference in our ages. I was worried that I was too old to arouse him. As it turned out he was into well built mature guys and I am both of those things. I am trim and tall; I have been told that I don’t have the body of a 60+ year old.
    I waved to him and he smiled when he saw me, confidently walking to me and smiling as he strode. We shook hands as he sat at our table. That hand shake itself was very intimate; touching his warm hand triggered thoughts of handling more intimate parts of his body. I started to get an erection.
    Although chat in person was a little awkward at first we worked through it. The awkwardness was due to the fact that we both knew why we were meeting; the chat got more comfortable as we sat and got to know each other. After a light lunch we agreed to head up to the room. It was 1:15 pm when we left the bar. He had until 9:30 PM for him to catch the last train back home if he was going to make it.
    Walking up 38th street we chatted confidently about mutual interests and experiences both sexual and non sexual. I was surprised that the erotic oriented chat was easier with him than it was with my first guy. I learned that he was recently divorced and that he had two kids who were in various levels of school. Indeed while this was his first time with a guy, it was my second. I suddenly felt like an old hand LOL.
    We went straight through the busy lobby to the elevator. One other older guy got in with us. We were silent as we rose to the 12th floor. He looked at us both as we all stood there. I wondered if we were giving off some sort of sexual vibe. When we got to our floor we got off as he remained in the car to go to a higher floor.
    I led us straight to my room. Like a spider welcoming his prey into a web I opened the door for him and stepped inside and let him enter in front of me.
    Although I was most definitely a novice in male sex, I was more experienced than him. He assumed a somewhat awkwardly passive characteristic, standing near the window and pretending to look out it with great interest as I shut and locked the door with a do not disturb card on the outside knob. I looked at my watch it was 1:45 PM. Suddenly I felt the minutes slipping by, and eating up the window of opportunity for us to be together.
    With a little more confidence than he had I suggested that he come away from the window and stand at the end of the bed near me. He chuckled and commented that putting on a show by the window was a little more ambitious than he anticipated for his first time.
    As he stood in front of me I suggested to him to let me lead and that he could jump in and do whatever he felt comfortable doing after we got started. A look of relief seemed to wash over his face. Ok he said. With that affirmation I stepped very close to him and began to unbutton his shirt. In no time it was off. As I reached for his belt buckle he cast his eyes downward not looking me in the face. Unbuckling and unzipping his jeans they fell to the floor. He gingerly stepped out of them steadying himself on the dresser across from the end of the bed. He stood in his boxer shorts, finally raising his eyes to meet mine. I pulled my polo shirt over my head and undid my own pants pulling them off quickly. My own underwear is extreme front pouch rayon. The pouch carries my 8.5 inch cock in a sack that thrusts it forward and upward, accentuating my cock and balls. The pair I had on were light blue; their color revealed a wet spot of pre cum that began to leak when we were in the bar talking about sexual experiences. I was already erect. He looked at my bulge and stood quietly.
    His eyes locked on my growing erection served to gird my arousal. I love to have guys or girls look at my cock. I reached over and put my thumbs on the waist band of his shorts. As I bent over and slid his boxers down he leaned forward and steadied himself on my shoulders. Quickly and efficiently he now stood nude before me. The first thing I noticed was obviously his semi erect cock. Even though not fully erect it was as long as mine, maybe even bigger erect, but that remained to be seen as he wasn’t totally erect yet; I planned to correct that situation shortly. I slid my underpants off to reveal my semi erect cock. I felt very sexy and exposed.
    I looked his naked body up and down, pleased at what I saw. We made some polite compliments to each other. His voice was a little shaky, either from nerves or arousal or both. I wasn’t sure. We both made the decision to close the distance between us and hug. The first moment our cocks touched it was electric. I knew at that instant that some aggressive frotting was in order, I just hoped that I wouldn’t ejaculate immediately.
    As we embraced I reached down and cupped his ass cheek in my hand, squeezing it gently. With his arms around my shoulders I brought the hand that was on his ass cheek around to cup his balls and cock shaft in my palm. His balls were warm and tender. I felt his vulnerability and his sexuality in my hand in equal measure. Balls are so intimate and sensual. His erection was full and hard and exceeded the grasp of my large hands, so I caressed his hot balls as we stood together. He sighed quietly, burying his face in the crook of my neck. We stood for a minute savoring each other’s male sexuality.
    I asked him to lay back on the bed. I had taken the covers down before I went out to meet him; it was waiting for us when we walked in the room. He laid back on the bed with his feet still on the floor. I parted his legs and kneeled on the floor between his knees. Leaning over him I began to kiss and nibble his cock and balls. Teasing him I worked up to eventually putting his balls in my mouth and sucking them. His precum was starting to flow. I love precum, it is inherently sweeter than cum. I wrapped my hand around the base of his rigid shaft and directed his cock head to my mouth. I lapped the pre cum off of his cock head like it was melting ice cream on a cone. He sighed repeatedly.
    I tried very hard to read his sexual response so that I wouldn’t make him cum too early. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor I backed off of my oral attention and stood up. Creeping along side of him on the king sized bed I stopped when my hips reached his head. Then, raising my leg over his head I straddled his face, placing my balls over his mouth. I didn’t need to ask him. He began to reciprocate, kissing and suckling my balls. As he suckled my gonads he began to tenderly massage my anus. I had told him of my anal orgasmic ability and my ability to mmo. So as I savored the sensual heat of his mouth engulfing my balls I was being mesmerized by the sensation of anal massage. My world went into slow motion as I was both relaxed and aroused at the same time. I surrendered to the intimate eroticism of the moment as this relative stranger touched my private spot and delicately teased the most orgasmically sensitive part of my anatomy. Chills went up my spine as my own precum began to flow. I looked down to see the drips of my sex nectar falling onto his forehead. It was both vulgar and embarrassing, both of which aroused me even more.
    Recalling my initial vision of his erection and my thought of frotting him it dismounted from his face and got off the bed. I suggested that we move up on the bed to give us more room. He pulled himself up, putting his head on the pillow. I went to his hips and again straddled his body only this time bringing my balls to hang over his as I kneeled on either side of his hips. Then lowering my crotch, my balls rested on his and our cocks touched. Again the sensation was electric. Both of our penises were wet with our own precum.
    Feeling the slick wetness of each others arousal on our erect penises was one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had. The sensation made the pre cum drool from my slit in double measure.
    Wrapping my hands around both of our cocks I held our cockheads together so that our clefts underneath were touching. I then began to thrust my hips back and forth forcing our cock heads to rub against each other and mingle our precum in frothy bubbles. The sensation of his cock head rubbing on mine was exquisitely erotic. I had to be really careful again not to be too assertive in my thrusting for fear that either one of us or both of us would cum. There was time to cum yet.
    I released our cocks and laid my full body down on his so that our cocks were alongside each other pressing on each other’s abdomens. We both began to grind our cocks on each other in a lurid dance of arousal. It turned me on to feel his reciprocating thrusts against my belly, feeling his cock sliding on my skin. I was so incredibly turned on I felt the need to kiss him. We had not talked about kissing but at a moment as close and intimate as this with our faces so close I decided to take the chance. Lowering my lips towards his mouth he read my intent and raised his lips to reach mine. Our lips touched and a surge of sexual energy seemed to pass between us as we pressed our lips together. My heart was racing. He reached up and caressed my temple as we kissed. I was incredibly aroused and I could fear my arousal amplifying as his kiss became deeper and more sensual.
    I found myself gasping I was so turned on. Lifting my lips from his after a few minutes I took a deep breath and lowered my face on the pillow next to his head and continued to grind my penis against his as I pressed him down onto the bed with my pelvis.
    I looked at the clock next to the bed. An hour had passed since we bedded each other. I knew I had to slow things down otherwise a climax was soon in the offing for both us.
    I love giving erotic massages, I derive greater pleasure out of giving pleasure than I do from getting it. I rolled off of him and took a deep breath as I lay next to him on the bed. Reaching for his hand I began to massage his hand focusing on his palm. Laying there we began to chat as I rubbed both his hands. We both sensed the need to slow things down.
    I told him I wanted to give him a massage and asked him to lay on his stomach, which he did happily. For the next hour I massaged his head, temples, neck, back and legs, returning to his shoulders at the end. The skin contact and the feeling of my erection resting on his ass inflamed my arousal. I told him how turned on I was and asked how he felt. He said that he was both aroused and relaxed, that he thought he was soaking the bed underneath him.
    His ass looked so inviting I asked him if I could do something that I had until that moment only done with my wife, that was do an A Less Session in between his ass cheeks. As a person who had never done Aneros before he was intrigued and said that he hoped that I would so he could experience what I did. So I asked him to roll back onto his right side and bring his knees up to give me access to his derriere. Then parting his ass cheeks and exposing his anus, I deftly snuggled my erection in between his ass cheeks so that the underside of my cockhead touched to heat of his anal opening. His anus seemed to kiss my cockhead. The feeling of my cock head on his anus made him shudder, an occurrence which made my own anus spasm and my prostate begin to harden. I could feel it throbbing.
    Laying on our sides I spooned him, sliding closer to him, reaching around him to fondle his penis. The intense heat of his anus and caress of the soft skin of his ass cheeks on my cock set my own anus to twitch and pulse immediately. In a matter of minutes pleasurable pre orgasmic ripples were flowing into my anal tract. Stroking his cock seemed to fuel my expanding ecstasy. Soon my perineum and anus were alternating in orgasmic spasms each one amplifying the other. His hardened penis felt so rigidly sexy in my grip. He was oozing precum that I used to glaze his cock and turn my stroking into sensual stimulation.
    I edged him using the intermittent lapses to focus on my breathing and force my orgasms to cascade and grow in strength and speed. The alternating pattern between cock and anus consolidated and soon the rhythmic pulsing centered in my balls and just behind my balls. Hard orgasmic convulsions repeatedly squeezed my balls and perineum forcing excruciating pleasure to grip my cock and anal tract. The harder my orgasms came the more turned on I was by his cock in my hands. I was drooling precum in his anal opening is such quantity and profusion, penetration would have been easy if I opted for it. But I didn't. Instead I gently pressed my cock into his ass as orgasm pummeled my anal tract.
    I have no idea how long I mmoed in his ass but it was one of the most erotic things I have ever done. No doubt the experience of super o ing as I edged another man’s cock was the reason. I do know that it was approaching 5 o’clock. The afternoon was slipping by.
    When I finally dislodged my penis from his rear end his anal opening was slimy with my precum and his cock was angry red and demanding ejaculation. To say he was horny was an understatement. More than an hour of hard mmo had rendered my own penis pretty much useless. Intense mmo for prolonged time causes me to go flaccid.
    I was sweaty and very aroused despite my softened member. He on the other hand was ready to hurl his load. By this time he was more than willing to tell me his needs. Rolling on his back he grasped my head at my temples and guided my mouth to his stone hard wet cock. Wrapping my lips around his cock head and caressing the underside of his crown with my tongue I bobbed my head up and down on his cock rubbing his cock cleft on the upper side of my rough tongue. He held my head as he began to thrust up to meet me pushing a fair amount of his shaft into my mouth.
    As he was humping my face I was able to gather some of the profuse sexual slime that was on his shaft and my lips on one of my middle fingers. Once it was well coated with natural lube I brought that finger to his anus and wiggled it into him. He was not an avid anal penetration practitioner but he had told me he was willing to try. So sliding my finger into his anus I searched out his prostate.
    He moaned in low guttural whine and mumbled "oh my god" as my intruding finger touched his swollen gland. Without moving it I gently pressed on it as I continued to suck on his tumescent purple cock head. His moan turned into a groan and more mumbled explicative’s. I felt his orgasm gather deep inside his anus as he did; his prostate began to tremble; it then contracted sharply and convulsed before it released and contracted again. His anus spasmed gripping my finger hard. Then in a carefully choreographed dance his anus and prostate pumped his load. I felt his cock head swell after several contractions of his prostate and then I felt the stream of hot cum fill my mouth.
    He whined as he pissed a profuse load of semen past my sucking lips and tongue. His cum was thick and oh so hot and is was more than a mouthful. I had hoped to savor it but I couldn’t as there was too much, so as he unloaded in my mouth I swallowed it. He had 5 or 6 hard pulsing spasms that thoroughly emptied his balls.
    Ordinarily after an MMO I am not desperate to cum myself, but the oral I gave him made me desperate to release even though I was flaccid. Although he was just off of a hard ejaculation he was acutely aware of my situation. He also remembered by comment on line relative to have having my nipples sucked as I got a hand job. Without missing a beat he got up, and brought his lips to my nipple as he wrapped his hand around my soft cock. Locking his lips around my areola he began to flick my nub with his tongue as he alternated sucking it.
    Stroking my cock as he sucked my nipple made my penis stiffen and lengthen immediately. The diffuse arousal that was glowing in my pelvis began to consolidate around my balls and cock. The desperate tension of orgasm began to tighten in my cock. As he stroked my cock the precum began to flow making his fist slide easily up and down my shaft. The simultaneous sensation of his warm mouth tugging on my nipple and the delicate stimulation of my cockhead forced the heavy weight of arousal to hold me down. I was paralyzed by the sheer pleasure of building orgasm. I fully surrendered to him as he took control of my body and my pleasure.
    The sweet ecstasy of imminent orgasm was building to an exquisite crescendo and then ….. he stopped. I looked up in anguished surprise to see him lifting his leg over my face to lower his now semi erect cock to hang over my face. He then lowered his cock, like a fish rising to a tempting fly I raised my mouth to again envelop his cock head. I then felt the sweet bliss of his mouth on my own corona. I had never 69ed with a man obviously; the idea of it was vulgar, lurid and incredibly alluring.
    I put my hands on his ass cheeks and he put his on mine and we sucked each other as if our lives depended on it. It was so incredibly hot I feared I would cum immediately. But I didn’t. The time between the hand job and now let off some of my “steam”. To my amazement his penis was hard again. This time as he was on top he began to mouth fuck me as he bobbed his head up and down on my cock.
    The etiquette of who should cum first when two guys 69 seemed to be a conundrum that was too complicated for me to think about in my pre orgasmic delirium. I was so aroused I needed desperately to ejaculate; whether it was politically correct or not I would go first. I felt the steaming pool of cum deep inside me rise and bubble as my desire reached the point of no return. My anus and perineum twitched in the desperate milliseconds before ejaculation. They then convulsed really hard pumping several ropes of steaming hot jizz into his sucking mouth. He drank my cum with the finesse of a old hand. I grasped his ass firmly as I unloaded my balls thoroughly.
    Emptied and satisfied I lay there and held his ass cheeks as he humped my mouth. It wasn’t long before I felt his cockhead swell again. Then it shrank as swelled again as his shaft lurched. Again the thick gooey load filled my mouth. His youth was a huge advantage as his recharge time was much shorter than mine. He stood still as he pumped his cum into my mouth in several hard spurts. I swallowed just as I did the last time. I was gaining a real affinity for the taste of his cum.
    When we parted he lay on the bed beside me and let out a hiss of fatigue. I had a stomach full of cum, I burped and tasted it. That was a first for me.
    We lay there naked and relaxed for an hour chatting about what we had just done and the sensations and feelings that we had about it. Had I had feelings for him I might have been tempted to embrace and cuddle, but once the deed was done and my arousal was sated, I was done.
    We both felt the same way. So at 7 PM he got up and said to me that he might as well get to the station and get an earlier train. I was fine with that. I got up and we hugged. It felt different to hug him and feel his skin on my naked body when I wasn’t aroused anymore. It did not have the same electrical charge that it did before.
    The second encounter was done. It was another notch above the first one and I am not sure if it will be the last.

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