• My Ride Gets Even Better

    I haven't been able to ride my Aneros for at least two days now and this evening I was tired, but I needed a ride. I prepped by showering and douching as normal. Injected lube, and coating my Progasm. I began my session relaxing on my side.
    Since I was tired I slowly drifted off to sleep with that wonder'ful' feeling in my anus. Probably at least 30 minutes went by and I was awakened by the Progasm being moved by my sphincter the Progasm was gently massaging my prostate. I slowly began to allow the rhythmic movements of the Progasm to touch and stimulate more and more of my P-spot. Waves began to flow. My experience to date has proved to not fight this movement and to just relax even more while concentrating on the sensations. The P-waves continued and then just as slowly as they built up they resided and I fell back to sleep.
    Minutes went by again and memories of my youth began to flood my subconscious of the first time my High School buddy and me accepted we were gay and we had to experience each other for the first time. The Progasm again awakened me as my whole body is moving in my bed with more intense P-waves. By now I feel a quiet giggle in my belly that I must let out. It feels good to giggle with the P-waves and a body that is controlled by my Progasm. Again my body slows its involuntary movements allowing me to rest blissfully again.
    Subconsciously my mind believes the session is ending but, more memories of my first experiences flood my mind. I begin to remember the feelings of that first session being a top and being so youthfully first time ever hard. I was awakened again feeling those same feelings and the Progasm has taken control again. I am hard again! I placed a pillow under my hips to accentuate the movements of a top and within a minute or two the biggest O ever flows through my loins and I am shooting over my chest. Now I'm really spent in such a good way, my giggles return big time.
    I finally removed my Progasm and as my anus returns to its empty structure I fall asleep again with the biggest smile. After a few minutes I had to get up and start this blog so I can remember this day. Lets see where my next session brings me?

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