• my personal experiment. good strides made

    This is a recreation of my original document and may not contain all info but will try as best as possible to not leave anything out. My computer decided to do an update and for some reason deleted the entire saved file. I also don’t claim to be a story writer so expressing my sensations will be lacking. I will endever to try to make strides in the future, for now this is just to get it down before forgetting things

    I have just finished a 21 day SR and found it do do nothing for me. I don’t feel any more feisty but that is to be expected since I have nothing to get excited about. This is going to be the documentation of a 7 day experiment of using only the aneros product, either helix or mgx, no masturbation, edging or stimulation of the sweet spot. I want all stimulation to be from prostate massage either internal w/ said tool or external from deep tissue massage. I will use massage of the sweet spot to get things going if needed when using one of the tools only. each session will be about 1 hour long or there about and do nothing sessions.
    EDIT. I really pushed the time on Fri, Sat & Sun. having gone several hours.

    Day 1, Monday. Joined w/ helix. I got nothing. Even manual stimulation of the sweet spot that normally elicits good feelings gave nothing much at all. I didn’t really expect much since I was still on the back side of my refractory period. I did stroke a slight bit to see if Jack (what my old girlfriend used to call my cock long before getting married and just stuck) wanted to play and he did but I denied him more than that.

    Day 2, Tuesday. Joined w/ helix. Spent this one on my left side with my legs in a sitting type position. I started with some light tapping on the p-tab to get things going than moved on to some light finger dragging to induce a vibration. sensations started feeling quite good. stopped rubbing at what I felt was the peak to see if they would continue on but did not. did this 2 more times. when I went to start #4 I found them to start on there own. I lost count after 8 different starts, each lasting several seconds to a few minutes This was my best session to date.

    Day 3, Wednesday. Joined w/ mgx. I decided to try something different today and used a different tool. started the same as on Tuesday, nothing. either this is a down day or from the different stimulation and my body is unsure what to do with it or I didn’t have enough lube as I was having trouble w/ my syringe.

    Day 4, Thursday. Joined w/ helix. started the same as Tuesday. some light tapping and sensations started quickly and easily. they faded but another started w/o intervention. once faded it was quite a while or at least it felt like it since the last. Light tap and thing started back, and again restarted w/o intervention. Than the dogs decided to get into it. I was unable to get things going after that.

    Woke up around 4 with a raging hard on, never had that happen before while joined. Felt bigger and more full. Made cleaning up a bit more difficult as helix didn’t want to leave me.

    Day 5, Friday. Joined w/ mgx. I was excited as vacation starts today and spent the day anticipating almost 2 weeks of self induced pleasure. I got joined early instead of waiting till going to bed. Started at 7. while sitting on the couch I had the beginnings of 2 different orgasms and lots of tingling that didn’t amount to much but that’s ok because they started on there own. decided to not rejoin after my shower but instead do some deep tissue massage. had several self induced orgasms but 1 in particular was interesting. I was thrust into a rapid pulsing feeling like I had described being woken up to previously. Didn’t last long but was very intense with my belly rippling.

    Day 6, Saturday. Joined w/ helix. I knew it was going to be a long day but wanted to try again being joined while doing other things. I made sure to pay attention to everything this time. I felt sliding, gliding, tingling, and what I thought was the beginning to several orgasms but never actually got one most likely because my couscous mind kept them at arms length. Lots of good feelings I was able to distinguish between. removed after 4 hours.

    Spent the remainder of the evening feeling my prostate throb. almost like a dull ache but not painful. Possibly to much stimulation from all the walking? Went to bed w/o joining again for some deep tissue massage. I reached down and just put pressure on my prostate and an orgasm exploded! I hadn’t even started to move yet. I contemplated getting up and rejoining w/ helix but was afraid the pleasure would stop so I just held pressure and flicked my pc muscle every time it would start to wane and it would flood over by body again. I must have been at it for about an hour before it faded away. Another good night even if it wasn’t with a pleasure tool I was joined with but it did start it.

    Day 7, Sunday. went out to do some looking / shopping. came back and decided to join w/ helix around 2:30 while I did some house cleaning. The electric buzz started w/ in 5 min of joining. Legs and belly tingled the entire time. I went outside to work on something and decided to take a seat for a few minutes. my rectal / anal muscles started to spasm for no reason than the start of an orgasmic sensation began to well up and held for several seconds washing over my body than faded. after starting back with my duty’s the buzz started back flowing over my whole body, tough working when your hands are shaking. Wow, more good news, things may be turning around during this experiment. I wonder what the rest of the day will bring?????

    After finishing my cleaning I sat on the couch & allowed the sensations to flow over me. I was able to initiate several mini o’s from the full body tingle by doing a quick pc muscle stutter. these enveloped my body. After a bit these mini o’s came and went on there own. Going out for dinner so going to clean up. It has been about 3 hours after all.

    OMG!! Had to put this in now. 8:10 sitting on the couch reading the forum and an aless orgasm just came and went. The orgasm part lasted mere seconds but it was defiantly an orgasm. started deep. I could feel the vibrations and tingling behind my cock, very slowly the intensity ramped up to include my belly. I gave a ever so light pc contraction and it exploded all the way to the top of my head causing a tingle in my scalp. it has faded back down but I can still feel an ever so small tingle behind my cock. If I again give just a slight flicker on the pc muscle, enough to cause it to flutter ever so slightly I can make the tingle start to expand, but am sure if I keep at it I will scare it away. I’m going to sit here and enjoy these after quakes or echoes I think they are called.


    I have made great gains during this experiment and several new feelings I’m not sure of but accepting that they go along with all other feelings felt. I’m sure I have left out lots of feelings & sensations but as you know sometimes things get washed away or turn fuzzy during bliss. Others have said once it happens they understand the do nothing approach, I now understand!

    I can now clearly identify when a pleasure tool is gliding along my prostate and entering / exiting the canal during breathing. I still haven’t quite figured out how to maintain the involuntary contractions but that will come soon enough I think. I can also clearly id when the sensations of orgasm are just starting. A few that have feel really good is when the muscles start to almost massage the tool, kind of like when an octopus is feeling an object, slow ripples and tingling. A quick shot of static electricity shooting up my cock to the head. I also now have this weird feeling of muscle spasms in my lower belly almost like rapid moving ripples. I can also cause a localized sensation to explode from my loins to envelope my body even if for seconds.

    A few down sides. Not playing w/ myself! I experienced 2 different cases of blue balls, something I had not had prior but was able to work them out by massaging my poor sore testicles. Another was it took a really long time to get things started. No I didn’t use porn either, I wanted everything to be equal, starting from the ground floor. The only arousal I got was from either great anticipation of having a session or some mental porn.

    Conclusions…Seems what every one has said applies (imagine that…not that I didn’t believe you, sometimes one must just experience things for themselves). Have sessions every other day. Arousal of some sort is a must, even though I have been able to get things started from stone cold after joining it just takes longer to get to the good stuff. Take your time and find what works for you than stick to it adding things slowly, that way when something doesn’t work it is just 1 thing changed not everything. Try what others has stated works for them but have no expectations that it will work for you. (this rehash is for myself more than for others). I think with these conclusions I may start my sessions much earlier, say after getting home from work after anticipating a session all day. I have also recently ordered a peridise set so I can expand my anal pleasure along w/ toning and gaining control on the off days of enjoying prostate pleasure.

    Thanks for reading.

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