• My New Reality

    Years ago I fantasized that it would be amazing to experience orgasms that lasted more than several seconds; the idea that I might experience an orgasm that lasted an hour or two was the stuff of science fiction in my mind. Yet here I am in 2015, not in a Ray Bradbury novel experiencing them. I (we are) am very – very lucky to have developed this ability and have these mind blowing experiences every few days; for some of us its more frequent than that.
    For me and many of us the experience of an MMO is like surfing. I am continually discovering some nuance in technique or mental context that modulates, amplifies and intensifies the orgasms. I have been at this for 9 years now and each session I do I learn something new or have some amazing new sensation or combination of sensations. Aside from the ecstatic sensations of MMO part of my addiction to it is the kaleidoscopic arrays of ecstatic orgasms that they bring.
    Two nights ago I had yet another session that revealed to me the profound pleasure of MMO. This session was also a landmark session which was why I chose to do this entry. Its noteworthy achievement was that it was the longest session I have ever endured. I do not use the word endure lightly here. This 4 hour experience pushed the envelope in MMO for me; it was excruciatingly pleasurable lifting me to a state of agonizing rapture.
    1:30 AM: I woke with an aching erection and the easily recognizable pulsing deep in my anal canal that an A- Less MMO session was imminently going to happen spontaneously. Looking at the clock and deciding that this unusually early session would allow me time to go back to sleep I gave myself permission to let it happen. I was laying on my side facing my wife on my side of the bed approximately 1 foot from her. My erection was cantilevered out parallel to the mattress. Surrendering to the divine sensations in my anus I relaxed began to think of some erotic fantasies and breathed with the pulsing pleasure that was starting to make itself known. In 60 seconds I could feel the pleasure wave building deep inside my canal and in less than 5 minutes I was in full blown super O’s. The O’s initiated deep in my anal canal and flowed in peristaltic waves outward to my anal opening. As each wave arrived at the opening my hole convulsed and contracted aggressively sending ripples of ecstasy up my spine.
    As the ecstatic convulsion clenched and opened my anus the sensation of bliss triggered another detonation of an orgasm deep inside me. Soon the sequence of involuntary pleasure at my opening and the exquisite sensation of rippling orgasm traveling down my anal tract to my opening to feed my dilating and contracting opening with orgasmic rapture fell into a rhythmic cadence.
    It had only been 15 minutes when I thought to myself that maybe the depth of my arousal would make this a good time to transition to an Aneros session. So, as quietly as I could I got up and went to my travel kit in the closet in the hallway and got my Tempo and a condom (I use the condom method exclusively now). I went in the bathroom and filled the condom with lube, inserted the Tempo and tied the opening shut. Pitting one foot on the toilet I bend over and inserted the condom covered Tempo into my anus. The wonderful thing about Tempo is the exquisite feeling cold inside me after I insert it. This time was no disappointment. The insertion and shock of cold steel penetrating my anus triggered an immediate pleasure spasm in my anus. It clamped down on the intruding devise and sent a shock wave of bliss deep into my rectum. I gasped.
    Walking back to bed as pleasure waves struggled to assert themselves inflicting a pleasurable ache in my anus, I managed to stay upright and maneuver myself into bed. Knowing that my wife was wearing a short nightgown that exposed the warm soft cleft of her ass to me, I got into bed and slid up against her. My erection was still fully rigid. I slipped my hardened highly sensitized cockhead into the sweet caress of her derriere resting it against her anus. In seconds the divine anguish of the orgasmic spasms resumed, this time much harder than before. I could feel the highly gratifying intrusion of the end of the Tempo deep inside me. That sensation ignited a salvo of very hard orgasms. The orgasms were back to back and they were speeding up and intensifying as they did.
    The embrace of my cock by her anus induced my cockhead to be part of the mystical ecstasy that was playing out in my anus. A game of orgasmic ping pong ensued. The orgasm rolled down my anal canal from my prostate to trigger a spasm of my anus which then caused my cockhead to experience the tingling bliss that accompanies ejaculation; but there was no semen. The tempo of these orgasms was that of an erotic dance, 1-2-3 ….. 1-2-3 ….. 1-2-3. Thoughts of my cock in other women’s and men’s asses filled my head. Fantasies of performing oral sex on men filled my head. Memories of the erotic sensation of cum filling my mouth from a pulsing cockhead caused my orgasms to speed up and become even more profoundly pleasurable. Precum was oozing from my cock slit, I could tell from the telltale buzzing of the core of my shaft. I knew it was slathering her anus with my clear nectar. I was grateful that precum soaks into skin in minutes so that she would not be aware of my intrusion.
    I slipped my hand under her already shucked up night gown and cupped her breast in my hand. In sleepy acknowledgement she put her hand over mine and sighed. In half sleep she gave me permission to wallow in my rapture. The chains of orgasms sped up and modulated in intensity, rising and falling and changing tempo. The echoes of orgasmic rapture induced sensations of metamorphing ecstasy in my anus and my cockhead. Pulsing contractions of the two gave me chills that transported me outside of my body.
    3:30AM: Looking at the clock I realized I had been at this session for 2 hours. My wife’s anus was dripping with my precum. She was sleeping deeply; I hoped that maybe my surreptitious enjoyment of her anal charms might be inducing her to have erotic dreams. She has told me that often when I MMO in her as she sleeps that she does indeed have sexy “hot” dreams of fucking other men.
    Typically this would have been the end of a session for me but the sensations that were penetrating my pelvis were so eloquently excruciating I refused to give up. I relinquished my position against my wife and backed away from the warm caress of her ass on my cock. My cock was indeed flaccid as it usually is in the back end of a session.
    I could no longer feel the intrusion of the Tempo bulb against my prostate but it was till working its miracles as I disengaged from J’s crack. Laying on my back I savored the mild but very pleasant waves of orgasmic bliss that continued to grip my anus as the sensations on my cock head faded. I lay there for some amount of time enjoying the sweet tingles and gently quivering convulsions of orgasm that gently contracted my anus. I had no sense of how long I lay there as when I am this deep in a session time has no meaning.
    I thought about getting up and removing the Tempo but decided not to. Instead I decided to roll over to press my flaccid cock against the mattress and push the session even farther. So rolling over I gripped my softened cockhead between my thumb and middle finger and pulled it firmly as I laid on my stomach, pressing the cleft on underside of my corona against the fabric of the sheets.
    The shift of sensation from the soft skin between J’s ass cheeks to the relatively rough texture of the sheets instigated an immediate renewal of harder orgasmic spasms. The combined effect of the sheets offering more resistance on my cockhead than did her skin did and the fact that my profuse precum was soaking into the fabric rather than coating and lubing my cock did several things. First my cock was held firmly extended so that when each convulsive pleasure spasm contracted my anus it tugged on my softened shaft. That tension caused my penis to begin to stiffen, giving it a role as a cast member in the orgasmic performance. Secondly the combined effect of my returning erection and the rougher texture of the sheets on my sensitive cock cleft added a dimension of penile dominance to the session.
    AS the orgasmic spasms hardened so did my cock. Soon the metronome like ecstasy of the orgasms was gripping my anus, my perineum, cock shaft and cock head. The crescent of erotic rapture now extended from my anus to my cock head. Each convulsion of orgasm tensed all my sex orgasms and wrapped them all in a chiming echo of profound pleasure. My anus was trembling with anticipation waiting for each orgasm to ignite. This time instead of being rapid fire the cadence of the orgasms was slow and deliberate. I savored each orgasmic sensation as it squeezed the stiffened organs of my sexual response. Each gripping spasm made me gasp quietly into my pillow.
    4:30 AM : Looking up from a fog of orgasmic induced rapture I saw the 4:30 time glowing on the clock radio face. I was now three hours into this session and fatigue was starting to set in. I rolled onto my back and wiped my sloppy cockhead with my hand, spreading the precum on the skin of my thighs to dry myself. My prostate was till gently pulsing as it wistfully allowed the pleasure waves to wane. I lay quietly relishing the warm glow of my highly aroused sex organs. A peace rolled over as I felt the gentle balm of sleep setting in. I dozed off for a bit, falling into deep enough sleep to allow wispy dreams to fill my head. These dreams not surprisingly were deeply erotic, involving me and various female friends engaged in hard fucking followed by me performing all kinds of lewd and lurid sex acts with highly attractive men with gorgeous cocks.
    5:00AM : I woke up calmly keenly aware of the Tempo that was still inside of me. My belly was slimy with precum from the dream and the elevated state of arousal I was till in. I could feel my sphincter tightly gripping the shaft of the device and pressing its bulb against my prostate. The pressure revealed a very arousing sensation to me that I had never felt before. It was a desperate ache and pulsing of my entire anal canal and anus that made it hard to focus on anything else but the desire to resume the pleasure that I had been experiencing earlier.
    Again surrendering to my body’s desire, I rolled my pelvis onto the mattress laying my erection on the sheet again. However this time I rotated my upper body to be lifted off of the mattress to allow me access to stimulate my nipples. Raising my hand to my chest I touched my left nipple, the more responsive of the two. Touching its pebble like hardness I was rewarded with an immediate hard spasm of my anus. I inhaled sharply with the sudden piercing orgasm that flooded my anus. The convulsion of pleasure was so hard and profound I was swept away in the euphoria of the most powerful orgasmic sensation I had ever experienced. Gently I began to tease the hardened teat and toggle it causing my prostate and perineum to shriek in convulsive harmony. I breathed underneath each spasm being careful not to overwhelm it. I envisioned my breaths as blowing on an ember to make it burst into flame.
    In seconds my penile bulb began to pump in syncope with my prostate; the combined sensation made my breath catch in my chest. My instinct was to hold my breath and bear down on the excruciating pleasure but I fought the urge and exercised all the mind body control I could muster to relax. I relinquished control of my cock and prostate to the orgasm, letting it have its way with me. In a largely symbolic motion I parted my legs imagining I was offering my anus to a mysterious male lover to have him penetrate me or lick my anus or massage my prostate with a finger.
    The orgasm that resulted from this erotic vision was one that can only be described as epic. It was as if a giant heavy bell was swinging inside of me ringing a thunderous orgasm at the apex of each swing. The resulting orgasm cause my cock shaft, cock head, perineum and anus to join in a glorious chorus of transcending rapture. My legs trembled and my cock spewed prostatic fluid. I could feel it as thicker and hotter that clear precum. Each shuddering orgasm caused another stream of prostatic fluid to spew from my cock slit.
    My anus was opening and closing as it gasped in sweet agony. My nipple hardened and extended as if it was reaching for my finger to savor more stimulation. As I toggled my nipple the orgasm modulated to the divine sensation. I climbed higher and higher in orgasmic delirium until after some amount of time my entire body was at a precipice of orgasmic euphoria. I struggled to control the pleasure that gripped my anus and cock and stifle it as I relaxed my body in preparation for what was to come. I pushed myself closer and closer to the precipice until I was at the edge. My anal canal was locked in peristaltic bliss and my cock was gripped in preorgasmic agony.
    Pinching my nipple hard and breathing deeply I jumped off the orgasmic precipice into the thin air of unimaginable orgasmic rapture. My nipples both crackled and tingled , my penile bulb and prostate pumped wildly, my cockhead swelled and contracted as if ejaculating and my perineum contracted hard as if the orgasm had choreographed a grand finale in a ballet. Chills ran up my spine and my toes tingled as all the muscles in my body quivered in sweet surrender. I experienced a total body orgasm.
    6:00AM: I looked at the clock, it was 6 AM. I still had an erection. Begrudgingly I got up to go remove the Tempo. My anus was reluctant to release it, but I pulled firmly and it came out with a pop. I wrapped the lube filled condom with the Tempo inside it in a washcloth and stowed it in my bath robe pocket in my closet as I returned to bed. The puddle of prostatic ooze on the sheets was not as bad as I imagined it would be as I pumped in orgasm. I would voluntarily change the sheets when I got up.
    I climbed back into bed and cuddled against my wife again. Soon sleep claimed me only granting me another hour and a half until I had to get up. I had spent almost the entire night in orgasm, something that as I said in the opening of this post would have been science fiction to me in the past. Now however it is my new reality.

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