• My Male – Male Fantasy

    The last ten years of sexual self discovery for me has been the most amazing and freeing period of my life. I attribute my wondrous erotic enjoyment of the last ten years to two things.
    First is my rewiring, accomplished by ten years of Aneros use. My rewiring awakened the orgasmic power of my anus and prostate; it made me a sensual man who appreciates the erotically arousing attraction of men and women and it opened my eyes and mind to expressing my erotic thoughts.
    The second thing that has opened the doors to sexual pleasure for me over the last ten years is the internet. It has provided the safety and security for me to anonymously express my erotic thoughts and it has opened the door for me to meet other guys who feel the same about their sexuality without risking exposing my lurid interests to anyone I know. Indeed just the fact that I can make this post and admit some of the things I have is itself a testimony of the power of the internet in my life.
    I am amazed how many straight guys I talk to who have a bi curiosity or an outright interest in having sex with other men. The internet has opened the door for us to openly admit our interests and make connections. I have made connections and met with men for sex 3 times in the last 5 years. The first two times were very pleasurable, but the third was extremely erotic and a huge turn on. It still lingers in my memory and the memory of my partner who I still chat with. I suspect that the reason for this is that he is a good looking guy to begin with. However beyond that he was so aroused at the prospect of our tryst that when we met, his cock was stone hard even as he drove to the hotel where our passion would be realized. It was stone hard when he knocked at the door to the room we would spend the next three hours naked together and it was erect and throbbing as he slid his pants down to reveal his ardor to me. Seeing him erect was so intensely arousing for me it made my cock start dripping instantly.
    His cock was gorgeous. Despite my best attempt to allay having sex and prolong our foreplay I could not resist it. So after 5 minutes of kissing his balls and shaft I began to lick his shaft and the underside of his cock head. AS my own penis dripped with desire I succumbed and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him hungrily until he release a huge load on my tongue.
    We engaged in a variety of sex acts that afternoon. He came hard once more from a frotting session during which I also came hard. I love ejaculating on a guys cock. In my mind glazing someone else’s erection and mixing his semen with my semen is one of the sexiest things I can do to a man. We had a torrid session but I really wanted more when we parted.
    Over the last 5 years I have used blogs to write my erotic experiences, primarily describing my experience MMO and also with J. The most edgy and forbidden thing I have written about is the sexual pleasure I shared with these 3 guys. Indeed everything that I have written in this blog is a description of a real experience. So last night I was talking to my friend I was with the last time; we reminisced that it was a little more than a year ago that we met in a hotel. We shared memories of that afternoon and the intense orgasms that we gave each other. When we finished our reminiscing, my cock was iron hard. Spurred on by my arousal I asked him if there were any things that we didn’t do that he would’ve liked to do. During that chat I offered to him that there were several things that we didn’t do that I would’ve really loved to do with him and to him. I finished the chat by suggesting that rather than just write them to him, I would exercise my verbal exhibitionist tendencies and describe the fantasies I had of him in this blog. He gave me permission.
    This is a huge change for me as I never used this blog or any other to express my fantasies. However, with the hope that he will read this in this open forum I m treating this post as a kind of mental foreplay. I am hopeful that some day we will hookup again and I will get to savor the sweet pleasure of his cum filling my mouth and my cock spewing liquid passion on his erection once more. And maybe as a result of this post we will experience much more.
    I wish this time that instead of 3 hours together we would have more time. I would hope that we could arrange our tryst during a conference that he had so he could get away from home and spend quality time uninterrupted and in the security of anonymous privacy together. I want to sleep with him over night. There is nothing sexier than sleeping naked with another man. I remember sleeping overnight with another guy. I would like to feel my friend up in the night and spoon him nestling my erect cock in the warm caress between his ass cheeks. As I spooned him I would reach around him to fondle his cock and balls. I imagine that the feeling of my hot cock in his ass crease with my cockhead pressing against his anus and my hot hand massaging his cockhead will make his precum flow. I would languidly spread his precum all over his cock, encouraging him to ooze more of his slippery lust. I am sure that that would be so arousing that I would spontaneously begin to have A Less Super O’s. I imagine embracing him and relishing the sweet agony deep in my anal tract of rolling prostate orgasmic spasms. I imagine holding him tight as excruciating pleasure impaled my anus.
    With my profuse flow of precum his ass crack and anal opening would be slathered with my slippery sex ooze. The slippery channel would be too tempting to pass up so I suspect I would ass hump him sliding my erection in his slippery ass crease and pressing my wetted cockhead against his anal opening, stopping short of a release of my semen on his anus.
    I would wake him and ask him to lie on his back so I could straddle his face. Then I would lower my balls into his mouth and ask him to suck them and kiss them gently. Then as he lay on his back I get on my knees over his face and lower my cockhead into his mouth. He would play his hands on my ass cheeks and gently suck me. I would hold back my semen and savor the warm pleasure of having him suckle on my turgid cock. He would tenderly caress my balls as he implored me to release my load into his mouth. I would resist and continue to wallow in the shear bliss of him orally loving my swollen corona. Then as the sensations of erotic arousal reached a fevered pitch I would surrender and allow my semen to flow.
    At the edge of an orgasmic abyss I would let the flood gates of my ejaculation open and deep inside my anus I would feel the agonizing ecstasy of my swollen prostate pumping. From that anguished euphoria of pulsing ecstasy I would feel the thick hot gush of my cum travel down my cock shaft to eventually be pissed in a thick white stream into his mouth. . My cock root would squeeze hard and I would feel the exquisite sensation of steaming cum flowing from the slit in my cockhead. The rapture that gripped my mind also gripped my pulsing penis and filled my pelvis. The vulgar elegance of orgasm was amplified by the thought that I was ejaculating my semen in his mouth.
    I am an anal virgin, however that night in the bed together I would surrender my virginity to him. I would lay on my back with my legs apart at the dge of the bed as he stood between them with his erection jutting out , and dripping his passion over my belly like a cantilever.
    I would grasp his penis and guide it to my anus lodging his cockhead in my lubed opening and implore him to fuck me. The sensation of his cockhead lodged in my opening instigated a hunger in my anus. I was desperate to be fucked. My anus tingled and twitched in anticipation. He would push against me and slide into me effortlessly, eliciting waves of chilling pleasure in my anal tract as he penetrated me. Wave after wave of white hot pulsing bliss rippled into my anal canal. He would fuck me with abandon, sliding his smooth hard cock in and out of my asshole as MMO orgasms flooded my anus. The pleasure would be so intense and profound I would be immobilized by excruciating ecstasy. As he fucked me I would be frozen still and enshrouded in the sweet embrace of orgasmic euphoria as my anus spasmed on his cock. The hot sucking embrace of my tight hole on his cock would force him to release in me. Soon I would feel his cock swelling and lurching deep in my anal tract as he pumped a hot load of cum into me. The sweet anguish in his eyes was echoed by my own confused blissful expression. The sensation of him unloading in me would force my own orgasm to gush from my semi erect cock in a pulsing stream. It erupted from my cock slit in a pulsing white stream.
    In another scenario that I fantasize about we might be laying on our sides facing each other with our heads near each other’s cocks, an arm’s length away. I envision lying that way with a great view of his erection and him having a similar view of mine. The eroticism of the moment would easily make the precum weep from my cock slit. It would be highly arousing for me to be showing him the shameless arousal I would be feeling. He would not only see me leaking precum but he would catch the drool of my precum on his finger tips and spread it around my cock head. The slippery arousing sensation of his fingers teasing my cockhead would make me as erect as he was. I need tactile friction to make my cock hard; he is younger than me, his erection is inspired purely by the eroticism of the moment. His rigid penis is elegantly sexy; it makes my precum flow. I reach over to his cock and caress his balls. The warm embrace of my palm makes his cock lurch. He echoes my action. I feel his warm hands surrounding my cock and balls. The sensation makes my anus twitch and my prostate pulse deep in my anal canal.
    I am so turned on I cannot resist anymore. I close the gap between my mouth and his cock, resting my head on his inner thigh. He raises his leg to accommodate my head giving me unfettered access to his member as he guides my mouth to his cock. It is stone hard, and gently curved. His cockhead has an upsweep just as mine does; it is incredibly sexy. As I lay there I am amazed that I am not embarrassed or turned off being so intimate with a a man. Just the opposite, I am extremely turned on. The thought that my nakedness and my cock is making him hard is a huge source of the desire that is gripping my own member. The skin on his cock is taut and shiny giving it the appearance of bone china. I need to feel my lips on it. It is only inches from my face.
    I close the gap and put my lips on his wetted cockhead. The precum that coats it is still warm; it glazes my lips as I kiss the tip of his manhood. Again his cock lurches in response to my attention. I cannot bear it anymore I must have it in my mouth. I move my head forward sliding his cockhead past my lips. I wrap them around it just behind his coronal ridge and trace the underside of his cleft with my tongue. I can feel the smooth sculpted form of his cockhead in my mouth. I begin to massage it with my tongue paying special attention to the cleft underneath. He moans quietly. I seconds I feel his mouth engulfing my own rigid cock. The heat of his mouth on my cockhead drives my anus wild; it starts pulsing open and closed in wild abandon sending ripples of white hot pleasure deep into me. The act of sucking him and being sucked myself amplifies my arousal, it is shrieking in my mind.
    I am gently savoring his cockhead on my tongue delicately capturing each drop of precum that is flowing from his pink inflamed slit as I massage it and pry his slit open with the tip of my tongue. Suddenly I feel his lips sliding down my own erect penis to the base of my cock to rest against my groin. He is deep throating me. I lose control and begin to hump his mouth as I hold his cock captive in my lips. The need to release is powerful; I feel the ejaculation tightening deep in my anal canal. I try in vain to suppress it but I can’t. Holding his cock in my mouth and feeling the hot precum oozing from it makes me lose control. I grasp his ass cheeks and embrace him letting one of my middle fingers slide into the valley between his ass cheeks to find his hot soft anus with my wetted fingertip. As I fuck his mouth I slip my finger into his analopening. He reciprocates and grabs my ass as he begins to hump my mouth. Before I know it I feel his cockhead swell and his cock shaft jerk; he is about to cum. Then as he grunts a low throaty acknowledgement of his pending crescendo I feel his cockhead swell in the millisecond before I taste the flow of his hot semen. It gushes from his cock slit in a thick steamy torrent. He cums hard, squirting furiously as he fills my mouth with his sweet spunk. I drink from his harden flesh spigot, savoring every drop of his precious warm cocktail on my tongue before I swallow it.
    The tangy heat of his cum in my mouth sends a mystical message to my own cock. Seconds after his release it makes my prostate shudders and pulse hard forcing a thick hot river of my own semen to flow down the core of my cock shaft. The sensation of my load being forced through my cock is so excruciatingly pleasurable I release his oozing cock from my mouth and arch my back to force my cock down his throat. The first rope of my man honey jets down his throat causing him to gag and cough. As he struggles to breathe I pump load after load of my semen down his throat. I am frozen immobile as I empty my balls into his mouth. When I am done my cock starts to shrink and he is coughing. His softened cock is dribbling the last of his cum as I release it from my lips. I lick my lips capturing the last of his semen on my tongue.
    If I were to meet him again these are some of the things that I would do with him. There are more things I know; I will save them for another entry. Even though these events did not happen in my life they are my fantasies. Everything that is in this post I think about when I am the storm of orgasmic pleasure in MMO.
    Getting to the point that I can openly admit that I love having sex with men has been a huge step for me. It does not diminish my love of my wife or the deep desire I feel for women. This new aspect of my sexuality is a mysterious and wonderful thing. I relish the gift that Aneros gave me opening my mind to different kinds of pleasure and to the internet for allowing me to express my desires and act on them.

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