• My main men, the Maximus and Helix Syn, Aneros Session Wednesday morning September 19, 2012

    Hi guys,
    After my session late Monday afternoon two days ago, during which I finally got the hang of using the Maximus, I was so excited and rearing to go when I got up this morning. The Aneros Wiki suggests that we time our sessions two full days apart as a minimum. But this morning just after 7 a.m. after a good night's rest and then after shaving and bathing, I hungered for a session. I then discovered that early mornings after such activities and a good night's rest may provide me excellent times for Aneros sessions. Not only is my body rested and relaxed, but my mind is also very sharp.
    I started my session this morning with the Maximus. Before my morning bath today, I had a bowel movement. So the Maximus slipped effortlessly and easily which absolutely amazed me. After insertion, I spent several minutes Kegeling. Then I was ready for my session which proceeded naturally and effortlessly. This time I focused not only upon the Maximus massaging my prostate but also the motion of the P-tab upon my perineum. At the same time, I directed my attention to my PC sphincter and what it was doing for me. When I did all this along with the rhythmic breathing, it seemed that the Maximus was delivering me for series of P-waves which increased in intensity. I also noticed that all this happened in cycles. My session with the Maximus lasted about an hour or an hour and fifteen minutes. It seemed that during this time I was suffused with pleasure. At one point, there was a such a crescendo of P-waves and absolute pleasure that my bloated penis and plump glans were reaching the climax of seminal ejaculation! This may even happen very soon some day! I could have gone on much longer with the Maximus. When this phase of my session today ended, there was a slight puddle of precum on my belly. My glans was certainly wet and sticky!
    Then after a slight intermission, I returned with my Helix Syn. Today the Helix Syn replicated in its own way the sensations and pleasure of the Maximus. I spent a good 30 minutes of quality time with the Helix Syn.
    But still I didn't want today's session to end. So I returned with the Maximus. Again he slipped in easily and effortly but my prostate protested in discomfort which caused me to end the session soon afterward.
    All in all it was perhaps my best session to date. I forgot to mention that this morning I spent long periods tweaking and stimulating my nipples as I Anerosed. It is now apparent that my nipples are hard wired to my prostate, my penis, testicles, and especially my glans! This development, I believe, marks a major milestone in my Aneros sessions. I can now stimulate my nipples which fuel the ardor of the Anerosing. Also saying sweet nothings as I Aneros or engaging in erotolalia, erotic expressions, certainly helps fuel a session. This was my experience this morning.
    I leave you all with this thought. Picture in your imagination your male sexual apparatus. A guy's penis or procreative organ is much more noticeable than a woman's. I picture a guy's equipment as an Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure. That axis is of course the penis but it has poles at opposite ends of the axis. One end is of course the glans. So when a guy masturbates or has sex, pleasure arises in his glans, travels down his cockshaft and ends up in his prostate and even his scrotum, from which the pleasure travels up the shaft to the glans. The up and down motion of masturbation and coitus for a guy creates a cycle of pleasure, analogous to an electrical circuit. A guy using the Aneros enhances the operation of his Axis of Male Sexual Pleasure.

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