• My lifelong archetypal fascination with jockstraps and athletic cups

    Hi guys,

    We here in DC have entered upon several weeks of excessively bitter and cold weather along with blustery winds. Meteorologists have given us this forecast to sweep away prospects of mild temps and sunny days. In fact, after some years of mild winters, a cold, blustery and snowy winter is long overdue. I am so grateful for guys who use the Aneros and are outspoken of their experiences, among them @goldenboy who loves wearing jocks and “chastity” cups to bed many nights as well as for his Aneros sessions. He believes that wearing a jock and cup for sessions restrains him from teaching his manhood. However, I enjoy very much how a jock and cup revs up the delicious, sexual feelings of my sessions while keeping my roving hands off my manhood! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The jock and cup also helps me to focus on my sessions.

    For some reason all this cold, blustery weather along outspoken, candid view of guys on Aneros Forum and Blog sections have made me horny, randy, and HARD!!!

    Guys familiar with my Aneros blog here know of my intense jock and cup fetish. This fetish began for sure in my puberty and adolescence when our gym class teachers/coaches told us boys that we had to get a jockstrap for gym class. It was an essential part of our uniform. I enjoyed the elastic feel of my jockstrap how it supported my cock and balls and kept them in place. Plus my the mesh pouch of my jockstrap caressed and even massaged my scrotum, cock, and especially my Glans. Slipping on that jockstrap for the first time was a sexual awakening for me.

    I have been on my Aneros journey since early June 2012, about six or seven years. My countless Aneros sessions during those years have awakened not only prostate, but also my perineum, base of my scrotum, and cock root. These sensations have made my wearing jocks and cups even a greater delight for sure.

    So the archetypal feel of a jockstrap/athletic supporter is to support and hold in place a guy’s genitals comfortably, but also elicit delicious sexual feelings of his perineum, cock root, cock shaft, and Glans. During the years of my puberty and adolescence during the early 1960’s, BIKE and Flarico were major jockstrap bands. Later on came Duke.

    In those years, my parents subscribed to Sears and Montgomery Ward mail order catalogs which sold jocks and cups. When I started wearing jocks for gym class in 7th grade, I know I had to get a protective cup. That happened for sure in tenth grade when I got a Bauer and Black cup and jock.

    The Black and Bauer protective cup was the traditional triangular shaped flat cup with ten ventilation holes with a fair thick gasket add to the comfort of the athlete and prevent chafing of his groin. It fit OK but if you popped a boner, it hardly fit your cock and balls. I got this cup and jock in 1965. Oh yes, the cup jock had a tunnel pouch for inserting the cup with two metal snaps to secure the cup. I must say that this cup and jock was indeed archetypal!

    Twenty years later, when I was entering middle age I spent three weeks vacationing with my dad at our family home in CT late March/early April 1986. Before I returned to DC, I went to a sporting goods store in a city seven miles from home. I visited it on an early Thursday afternoon. Jim, the store proprietor, sold me several BIKE jockstraps. He said that he had gotten in his store an entirely new BIKE jock and cup. He brought out to show me. It came in a large blue box. The cup itself was one of the largest athletic cups that I had seen. It had a banana, contoured shape along with a thick gasket. When I saw it, I was so excited that I nearly creamed my jeans. I rushed home and went directly to my bedroom to look at my purchase. I was so sexually excited that I jacked off in three minutes flat and ejaculated a huge load of cum on my belly. This cup and jock is the BIKE CUP Supporter Unit no. 85 of which I have many in collection. I discovered that this cup and jock is ideal for wearing to bed at night. It feels so comfortable and erotic.

    Unfortunately BIKE marketed this cup and jock for only a few years when it replace this unit with another design. Bike Athletic Company survived independently until year 2006 when it became a subsidiary of Russell Athletic. Russell Athletic ceased operation of Bike about 2014, a great loss.

    So the archetypal use of athletic cups is to contain and protect the genitals of athletes. Jocks and cups are mandatory for catchers and pitchers for Major and Minor League Baseball as well as Little League. But players of other positions in that sport do wear cups. Guys in law enforcement and even in delivery wear jocks and cups. But you may be surprised there are many guys who wear jocks and cups for everyday, leisure wear, even to bed at night, because they love their feel. Just ask me and @goldenboy! πŸ™‚

    Currently the best athletic jocks and cups are those by Shock Doctor, Mueller, Martin Sports, and the innovative Nutty Buddy Cup, both original and flex.

    Jocks and cups are amazing for guys who are being or having been rewired by the Aneros. Jockstraps and state-of-the-art banana, contour cups not only contain, support, and protect the male genitalia, but they also zero in on a guy’s perineum. A guy’s perineum is a prime sexual area which contains the base of his scrotum and the root of his penis. I can speak from my own experience as an ardent jock/cup fetishist that jocks and cups enhance my Aless and Aneros session as well when I Kegel. It is so sweet. Take care!

    P.S. Guys can purchase the jock and cup brands I have spoken in this blog entry online at Dick’s Sports, Baseball Express, Softball.com, Epic Sports, and the Nutty Buddy web site, nuttybuddy.com.

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