• My Less Session Last Night

    It was 3:20 AM last night when I woke up from a sound sleep acutely aware that I had a rock hard erection. It was one of those erections in the middle of the night that got my attention. It was heavy, so heavy I could feel it pushing against my groin at its base as it was bumping against the mattress. The underside of my cockhead was really sensitive and very aroused. Earlier, just before I went to bed my wife gave me an exquisite hand job facilitated by carefully coordinated sucking of my nipples. The resulting orgasm was so strong I was literally emptied, a prerequisite for an intense MMO session. I was primed when my insistent cock woke me up.
    My hand brushed against my wife’s hip which I immediately noticed was bare; her short night gown had ridden up. Being the opportunist that I am, I never pass up the chance to spoon her and slip a hand around her to caress a breast. I did and in her sleep she brought her hand over mine and held my hand to her chest to force me to fondle her. That is when my aroused cock realized what he was nestled in . . . the sweet embrace of her very shapely derriere. My wife is tall . . . 6 ‘ 1” , and willowy with a really beautiful heart shaped ass and perfect slightly pendulous breasts. Just thinking about her body even now is making my cock go rigid with desire.
    When I simultaneously fondled her chest, my aching erection nestled into her warm ass . . . it was too much. It was as if my cock was a coonhound that just treed a raccoon . . . I swear that if penises could howl, mine would have howled loud enough to easily wake her up. The sensation was electric, actually it was more magnetic. It was if my penis was a long iron rod and her ass was a super strong electro magnet. It was drawn to her … it was not going to be any other way . . . there was nothing I could do but bury myself in her crack. The heat deep in my asshole was building as my prostate swelled up and made its opinion known; it wanted my cock to engage the warm feminine posterior. Almost instantaneously the pulsing rhythmic MMO spasms deep in my anus began.
    I have discovered that the fast track to mmo’s for me is my hard cock nestled up in the embrace of her cheeks, with my cock head pressed into the warmth of her anus. Her cheeks instinctively gripped the head of my cock and held it at her opening, as if her asshole was kissing my cockhead. My penis fits perfectly in that spot as if it was divinely designed to be there, maybe it was.
    The heat of her asshole at the tip of my cock is extremely potent. It got my cock, anus and prostate to all rhythmically contract and spasm in less than a minute. It hit like a freight train.
    My cock and prostate began to pump and pulse creating resonant chimes of pleasure that echoed deep in my anal canal and at the base of my cock. In hard orgasms in me my anus, prostate, cock root, cock head and pernimeum all spasm in a syncopated beat that drives me insane it is so pleasurable. Each one takes turns in an alternating metronome like repetitive pattern. The center of pleasure tends to move through a session, for several minutes it may be centered in my asshole, other times my cockroot or cockhead. Whereever the pleasure is concentrated it creates sensations that reverberate into me filling my pelvis andcoating my brain in thick syrupy ecstasy. The pleasure inside of me was building and it was only a few minutes since I began. I was on an orgasmic roller coaster and all I could do was hold on for dear life as I thundered along on the ride.
    I have learned that the sensations grow harder and faster if I can get my cock to stop spasming in the early stage of the mmo and calm down. I just needed to focus on letting the wonderful sensations inside of me build up without the spasms that would release the orgasmic tension. But this was difficult . . . it was like trying to fill a small bucket with a garden hose at full force without letting the force of the flow cause an overflow. It was hard though because all of this stuff that is going on down there is happening involuntarily . . . I was not necessarily in control of it.
    I continued my controlled breathing and focused on calming down my prostate. After a few minutes I was able to get the pumping of my cock to stop. It took a few minutes longer to get my anus under control. But I didn’t want to lose the sensation that was building.
    However, all that sexual energy had to go somewhere after I slowed the boys down… and it did; it went straight back to my prostate, which I could feel was now inflating like a balloon. And it felt incredible as it did. As it increased in size it increased in sensation. It was the same feeling that I get just before I am going to ejaculate . . . that tightening – ticklish – stirring that lets me know that ejaculation is imminent, and there is no turning back . . only when it I am in an mmo mindset I don’t ejaculate. The feeling just got bigger and deeper and fuller.
    Then after a few minutes of intense control and building orgasmic pleasure I couldn’t hold it back any more. I had to let go and give into it. I released and went over the top and my cock, prostate and anus started to shudder and pump wildly just as if I was about to have an ejaculation, but it didn’t it was dry.
    When I cum. . . I usually pump 4-6 pulses ejecting a rope of cum with each pulse; it starts to subside by the 4 th pump. That night )and most times I do mmo’s( the dry pumping just keeps going. With that first orgasm I pumped at least 40 times before it started to wane . They do not stop feeling highly pleasurable, they just lessen in intensity until the next build up begins. I tweaked my nipple and did rapid breathing in time to the spasms. It was like blowing on a glowing ember . . . it reignited the erotic convulsions and got me going for another 50 cock pumps and prostate contractions. I kept this cycle going many more times.
    I backed away from her to let the tension diminish so I could build it up again. It always feels better to build from a relaxed state that to keep orgasming from an aroused state.
    I wiped the precum off of my cock and lay on my back to cool down. After a few minutes I started to come down. As warm buzzing waves of desperate bliss washed into my asshole I decided to go at it again. I positioned my cock against her ass crack again and the cycle repeated. I continued this regimen for several more sets of orgasms; I lost count as I often do. As always the more I orgasmed … the harder the orgasms became and the more sensitive I was becoming … meaning that I reached climax and release faster. By now I had pumped several hundred times over the hour or so that I was at it. I was almost delirious with the sensations which were now spread across my abdomen, in and under my groin, up my asshole, on my two nipples and down my inner thighs.
    I was gasping into my pillow and my legs were starting to shake and twitch with each orgasmic spasm. I had chills down my spine and I had leaked precum onto her asshole; it was running down the crease under her ass cheek onto the bed. I could feel the bed underneath us getting cold and wet with my precum. I was afraid my shaking and soaking her and the bed I would wake her up. So as the final orgasm faded, I rolled away from her and got on my back again. I took a deep breath and tried to calm my junk down again. Now however I was so worked up that my asshole was spasming on its own even though I had backed off.
    I had two choices at this point: to either continue or to stop. It had been about an hour and a half since I started with the initial burrowing in her crack, it was now 4:30 AM. I was afraid that if I stopped I would fall asleep and oversleep as I had to get up in an hour at 5:30. Also . . . it had taken me all this time too get this worked up and sensitized … I didn’t want to waste the orgasmic plateau that I had reached. I was feeling really really hot. I could now get to asshole wrenching – cock twisting exquisite multiple orgasms in less than 3 minutes. But I also knew that if I pushed my cock against her anus again, I would surely wake her up. I decided to use the bed instead.
    I backed away from her, putting a foot or so between us. I rolled on my side tilting my body so that the underneath tip of my cock was just barely pressing against the mattress. I began to tweak my nipple and do deep rapid breathing and think about the sensations that were developing underneath my cock head and deep inside me. Again it was like blowing on glowing embers to build up a flame. In no time I was elevating again. I focused my thoughts on my asshole, trying to keep it relaxed in a still state. I controlled my cock and prostate through my breathing and sheer concentration. The sensation was building inside of me really fast now. I began to envision beautiful cock heads spewing cum. Alternating with that I saw my wifes elegant pussy dewy with her desire and I imagined its scent and taste as I drank from her over flowing cup.
    I rolled back a little onto my side and lifted my penis off of the mattress . . . it was projecting in an angle into mid air . . . hard and drooling my slime. I then pushed my limit even farther, holding back the orgasm as best I could while continuing to play with my nipples and breathe rapidly, holding my junk back from twitching. I kept pushing the sensation further and further, all the while struggling to relax. Soon the tension was so great that my asshole just clenched up and seized, and my prostate began to vibrate and flutter wildly. They took over.
    What happened next can only be described as the equivalent of all of a sudden opening all 4 car windows as you are driving down a highway at 100 miles per hour. The roar in my ears was deafening accompanied reverberating sensations all over my body as the rapid fire orgasms hit. My cock was thrusting back and forth like a suction pump as each spasm grabbed it at its base and squeezed out along its length as if I was squeezing a toothpaste tube from its base to its tip in a wave that ringed its girth. When the cock spasm reached the opening of my penis it sparkled like a 4th of July sparkler. Then the next one hit. My asshole was burning and tingling. They just kept coming and coming … I couldn’t stop them. My asshole as my prostate pumped fast and hard. This time however it didn’t stop after 5 or 10 minutes.
    After 40 or 50 fast – linked spasms my perineum was now clenching hard forcing out pre cum in a steady stream not in drops as I had been before. My legs were locked out straight and my body was not in my control. My mind was in a fog that was in between consciousness and sleep. . . all I could feel was my undercarriage throbbing, jerking, twitching and squeezing . . . nothing else existed or mattered. My prostate had taken over and it was selfishly grabbing all the sensation it could. I rolled onto my back and gasped as I tried to calm myself. It took another 5 minutes before I calmed down.
    I returned to my wifes sweet anus and spooned her again, with my erection against her soft ass cheek. The amazing feeling deep inside of me began to glow again and radiate what can only be described as ecstasy. I didn’t think it could get any better . . . but it did.
    Ever so slowly, another anal wrenching internal orgasm began to build. Everything inside of me tightened up and as it tightened it felt like my insides were going to compress into a hot glowing coal. It was as if a hand had reached up inside of me through my asshole and was gently squeezing my prostate, creating the sensation of a pending massive ejaculation. And the feeling didn’t stop growing. My body was rigid . . . I was trying to maintain even breathing and relax, letting things happen. I tried to hold still and not wake my wife.
    The base of my cock was throbbing and pulsing. The sensations were flowing through my body like water seeping through cracks in rock. They emerged in my nipples, the skin between my toes, inside my ears and my asshole. My asshole was spasming wildly and burning hot. I needed to back away from my wife or I knew I would surely wake her up. Fortunately we have a queen sized bed and I slid over to the far side, away from her. I layed on my stomach and pressed my rigid penis against the mattress.
    Then . . . . the building tension released and unraveled into a whole body orgasm. The wave started deep inside my asshole and radiated out like the waves from a stone thrown in a still pond. I gasped as I felt the waves wash over me. It was like being under water . . . drowning in bliss. The waves just kept coming on after the other . . . I lost touch with reality . . .I didn’t know where I was or if I was in bed or in a field. My junk was going through the motions and sensations leading to ejaculation, but I wasn’t pumping anything.
    After three or four sets of orgasms, instead of subsiding it got more sensitive and brought on another round of spasms. I was gasping …praying that my wife wouldn’t think I was having a heart attack. I pushed the covers down and rolled onto my back, hoping that the cold air would settle me down. Slowly the spasms ebbed.
    It was almost 6:30 AM, the sky was starting to lighten . . . I had no idea where the last 2 ½ hours had gone. Sweaty and tired I got up to take a shower. Amazingly and thankfully my lady is a sound sleeper, or else I would have woken her a half dozen times.
    So now here I sit recalling the mystical erotic journey I just took. What a trip it was.

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      01/04/2014at4:59 pm

      Can I come over and watch you interact with your wife cause I just have to see this for my self. I mean the description that you give has me rock hard man. Your journey sounds so erotic and fun.

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