• My learnings of using Aneros

    I have been on this journey for 8 months. I have loved every minute of it. There has been ups and downs but I have trailed through it all and can't wait for more to come. Scratch that don't want to detour feature pleasures so I will take on what ever Aneros has to offer. But as I have been with aneros my techniques has really advanced. I have coached a few people via the chat or email. I now know how to achieve my orgasms to there highest potential and these are my ways. Now they might not work for you so take it with a grain of salt.
    Pleasure Positions:
    *Laying on back with legs extended, hands palms facing flat on bed not touching anything just contracting with kegels
    *Laying on my back with bottom half elevated with pillow under me so I am able to lift legs up to have device go in deeper and smoother sending cray waves through my body
    *laying on my left side with left leg extended and right leg on top pushed up. The device really tickles my prostate this way and will send instant mini o's
    Now at first when I first started my journey I would try to ejaculate during a sessions and would be upset when I did not get any feeling. So to start my rewiring process I would not touch my self. Which made my body more sensitive. Weird I know but with the waves moving around in my body it made me get hot spots I never knew I had. Like my nipples, my sides and my belly and my perineum. There is a technique I was thought by a wonder guy name ChuckJO2000 which includes no touching. It is a non touching technique that moves waves through the body and gives you very great pleasure.
    The M:
    Slay flat on your back and become very comfortable. Put your two hands back to back with fingers aligned. Do it to form the "M" letter. So your fingers are in the middle and your wrist and arms are facing outward. Place your fingers that are back to back forming the v part of the M over your belly button. Hold that position and just breathe deeply and watch and feel the pleasure build up in your body. I will send in voluntaries to the belly and groin which will cause mini o's to happen.
    There's others I do as well. I saw a tantrik video of moving energies through the body. All I do is during a session I bring all the energy from my prostate and make it rise to my dick, stomach, chest and head. I make it stop once its in my chest cause one time it was all in my face and I almost passed out. But all I do is as I'm riding I rub my body toward the way I want the energy to go. As the session gets stronger my hands go faster and I become in a trance and the feelings is all over me which usually causes me to have a HFWO. But yeah this was just the learnings I have come up with.

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