• my journey

    All smiles here. I will try to convey my story with out getting a hard on. I started my journey a few months ago after I saw a video of a guy going banana's over a aneros device. As a gay male I have had a penis in my ass but I have never had any prostate fun. So i was broke to buy a device so i looked at a diagram to find it and just used my fingers. It was a very nice feeling. I haven't done any reading though before hand so i was confused on the actual feelings that I was having. I read that the trembling and convulsions were normal. First month down and feeling great. I actually just typed in aneros one day and this site came up. SCORE! Been learning ever since. I saw that the devices were really pricey so I went to amazon to find a deal. Got me a Helix syn extra excited for the sensations that will cum. I got it a week later, ripped open the package and praised my new friend that I will soon luv. Was home with family so no instant fun so after mid night hit I got some cocoa but lotion and inserted him in. Slide in very nicely and there my helix introduced him self to my prostate and now they are the best of buds.
    I got on my side like directed in the readings and instantly started to have invulentaries aka mini o's. They came so quickly i barely had enough resting time before the next one came rushing in one after the other one. I was rock hard )just like I am right now while i recanter this story( pouring pre-cum which never happen and it all felt so great. After of a hour of that my body rested for a couple of minutes then it hit me. The biggest boost of sensation and pure xstacy came through my body. I moaned, cried, and shook uncontrollably for about 4 minutes. It caught me off guard. I read that they would be strong but whoo i surprised my self. To be a newbie getting a Super O on the first try is a great thing. That night I will always remember.
    After those encounters I noticed my sex drive had grown. I was always a horny guy but now it's like my body craved it even more and in the most unpleasant times. I had a hard on at the doctor, the super market even when I just siting with family watching a movie. I couldn't control it. I thought I was getting addicted. But I found out from a few buddies here that your body will assure you when it's time to rest. I've also noticed that every part of my body can be a hot spot to turn me on. My nipples were non existing. Now I can't stop grabbing them of flicking them or just imagining the sensations that they give me. I luv it. Also with tantric breathing and rewiring im just a super O having fool hence the name. From the readings, video's and chatting I'm just the luckiest man ever. I know I have more to learn and I have even held a few teachings in the chat which kind of scared me at first cause I'm really shy but I got into it and turned others on and myself included. Just know that this is a journey it may cum quick for you like it did for me or it my take years. But it's yours so enjoy and ride the ride with the rest of us. Big O signing out oh and while righting this I had 4 Super O's with my beautiful Helix Syn.

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