• My journey so far

    This is my first entry in the blog section, although I’ve been on the forum for a few years. My first Aneros massager was the Helix classic. I spent quite a while going nowhere with it, but I didn’t understand until later why it didn’t work for me. I have come to realize that I kept getting in my own way. It took me a while to understand that I had to relax my mind and body and give up any attachment to a particular outcome. I have found that it’s beneficial to have an attitude of almost indifference or resignation.
    I made the greatest progress after I learned to pay close attention to every little sensation I felt, and that attention magnifies the feelings.
    I would like to report on my last session. I used my MGX Trident. The longer that I’m on this journey looking for the super O, I find that I am drawn more to the smaller ones. My MGX and Eupho tridents have been amazing. They move around much more easily, and I’m able to feel those subtler sensations.
    I laid on my back with my knees bent and hips elevated slightly. It’s funny how small changes in positioning can have a big effect. If I don’t elevate my hips, I can tell that the sensations are not as intense. I guess it allows the MGX to hit the spot just right.
    I used plenty of lube and inserted it. I spent time deep breathing and contracting lightly to get my arousal level up. I had some interesting sensations, but I thought it was going to be a dud session. I decided to hang in there and give it more time.
    I positioned myself in the way that I described above. I don’t think I contracted my muscles at all, or if I did, it was only slightly. I started rubbing my nipples. That’s always an important part of my session. It caused my muscles to tense up, and my body pulled in the MGX without my control. In my mind I kept repeating, “I trust my body. I’m giving up control.” I could feel my conscious control subside, and my body took over. I knew that something extraordinary would happen.
    My prostate started to feel warm and swollen. I could feel the massager moving back and forth stroking my prostate. This blissful feeling took over me. It’s so difficult to put into words. I was astonished by how amazing it felt, and that I was not in control. I had surrendered to something that I didn’t understand, and it was glorious.
    I was also astonished by how long the orgasm lasted. I think it probably lasted for 5 minutes, but I’m not sure. It seemed to go on and on. I felt a sensation that was new to me. It was as if my prostate was hungry for the massager, and the feeling of it being pulled in was quite pronounced.
    A couple of times the orgasm would subside slightly, but then the MGX would be pulled back in. Then the ride would begin again.
    I don’t know if other people experience it, but during a session I often feel like my dick is really large. Sometimes it feels like it might burst. Another curious sensation that I sometimes have is electrical shocks coming from my prostate.
    I had other orgasms, but what I just described was the most memorable. I always seem to learn something new with each session. And I think there’s more to discover.
    The whole session lasted about two hours.


    • Ggringo

      05/30/2020at7:32 am

      Congratulations on your first blog entry! Your adventure is very interesting to read; keep sharing.

    • simplepenguin

      06/26/2020at10:44 am

      Fantastic account. Thank you.

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