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    I bought my first Aneros about 3 months ago. I have three questions. I originally purchased a Helix Trident and recently purchased a Progasm. I have not had a super-o yet, but I feel like I am close. I have tried most of the positions that people discuss. My favorite positions are on my back with my knees bent and a pillow under the small of my back, on my left side with one knee bent, and doggie position on my knees with my arms on a chair. All three positions work for me and have their advantages. I am married and 67 years old, so it is not easy to find times to use them because my wife does not know about them. I end up using them about once or twice a week, but I feel like I am getting addicted to them. I think about them often and want to use them more and more. Question: Is this unusual and do you get addicted? When I am using them, they give me great pleasure, and I have a hard time stopping. My sessions usually last 2 – 2.5 hours. The feelings around my prostate are very warm and pleasurable. It is pretty easy for me to have uncontrollable shaking, mostly mild, but sometimes more. This brings me to my next question. I have tried the do-nothing method, but I always end up with involuntary shaking. Sometimes I try to stop, but the shaking soon resumes, and I do enjoy it as it makes the Aneros massage my prostate which feels really good. Should I try to focus more on stopping the shaking? I am worried that the shaking may be holding me back from a super-o that I would love to achieve. Sometimes I enjoy grabbing the Aneros and using it to manually massage my prostate harder than just letting it float. It feels good, but occasionally my prostate feels a little sore for a day thereafter. So, my last question is, can I harm my prostate by using more force to massage it? I don’t want to damage it. Thanks in advance for your advice. I really like the blogs!

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