• My general nipple diddling routine

    Hi guys,

    As many of you know, I am adept at diddling my nipples mostly most nights in bed. In recent weeks, we have had cold weather here in DC. Meteorologists had called a cold January. However, on Presidents Day weekend in February, the cold weather should begin to let up and we should have signs of approaching Spring. However at present most nights, I cover myself with several blankets, a blanket wrapped around my neck, and a woolen cap on my head. Nipple diddling eases for me the tedium of cold winter nights!

    My nipples began to be wonderfully sensitive following my SO and MMO breakthroughs in mid September 2016. A month before, in August, I devised a regimen of Kegels which launched me toward my breakthroughs a month later.

    Now I generally diddle my nipples in two basic ways: (1) back and forth across my nipples, and (2) circular fashion around my aureoles and one the nipples themselves. It is so wonderful and so sweet that diddling my nipples this way can cause me to have Super-O’s and MMO’s many times throughout the night. I found that there is a direct connection with my diddling and my prostate, even my penis.

    I seldom diddle my nipples in the daytime. However, a simple touch here and there on my nipples in the daytime make me hungry for more aggressive nipple diddling at night!

    Take care!


    • Studmouse47

      07/12/2022at2:42 pm

      I’ve tried nipple diddling numerous times and come away disappointed. I do it at night while lying on my back relaxig. My right nipple is the most sensitive. My nipple gets hard and my breast swells, but that is the extent of things. The sensations stop there. The excitement never travels beyond my booby. I’ve done it with my MGX inserted, but the sensations in my nipples don’t increase those in my rectum or prostate. I think what my problem is, is I have difficulty focusing on two sensations at the same time. I’ll keep trying. Maybe I’ll have a breakthrough in the future.

    • Avatar for doncejankiu


      08/02/2022at10:26 am

      I often read that others say they have no sensation in their nipples and that they are wired differently. This was me. When I first read about nipple stimulation I also thought that this will never work for me. I had no sensation that I have ever experienced in the past, that would connect it to my penis or prostate. However, I was so intrigued that I persisted to add it to my route and over several months, I started to feel a little tingle. Now, it is a regular part of my massage. I can even experience long drawn out dry orgasms with it, that feel amazing. There aren’t a lot of shortcuts, and I know that some of you are against it, but a little THC may unlock sensations in this area.

    • Avatar for Gourmetlover


      08/15/2022at1:21 am

      I love nipple play since I discovered the pleasure as a youngster and in combiniation with the progasm it is fantastic 🙂

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