• My first two or so Super Os at last I think.

    Last night my helix aneros session was different from the start.
    As soon as I inserted miss helix she started massaging but the difference was the intensity and positiveness of her strokes.
    The strokes did not wain when I got erections as they did in the past.
    The pleasure was emence and I enjoyed it for 2 hours.
    I then decided at 1:30am that I would sleep with her.
    I had coated her with Vaseline and shot 5 ml of waterbase lube two hours ago but thought that it might be a good idea to add some more lube before going to sleep.
    I took out the helix and shot 1.5ml of pure silicone lube in and then reinserted.
    The difference that made was night and day, I could feel with each stroke the lube coating my insides and very soon it was silky smooth inside.
    The aneros strokes did not feel as strong as before but I put that down to the silicone being so slippery.
    I went off to sleep and to my surprise woke at 7am and had had a good nights sleep.
    Normally I would feel sleepy after sleeping with the aneros.
    I concentrated on the stroking that was going on down below while stimulating my nipples and the intensity grew and grew.
    The intensity and positiveness of the strokes were even better than earlier at night.
    The pleasure would come in definite waves,wave after wave.
    The intensity was not as intense as some of my really really good sessions but the positiveness of the strokes was the best ever.
    The waves of pleasure really started to build a sense of building to a climax.
    I did have constant mini Os but did not have any dry O during this build up.
    My breathing would sound like as if I was sleeping nice constant deep breaths.
    This build to climax built and then dissipated a few times as it has done in the past until.
    With the third hight of build of climax feeling all of a sudden my body arched back and my muscles went all stiff and then my body suddenly thrashed around for 2 or 3 seconds!
    I lay there wide awake the aneros still twitching but had lost its vigour. I felt a calm feeling, I just lay there pondering what was that? Was that good? Yes I think so!
    After a minute or two slowly the aneros started to work harder and harder again and I had the build up again but this time all I got was one shot of pure ecstasy which made me jolt only. I noticed that wile riding these waves that my dick was slowly oozing a long line of precum on to my thigh and made a small wet patch on the bed.
    The waves of pleasure continued until 8:13am when It all slowed down.I then removed the helix cleaned up went pee and had breakfast and answered posts on this forum while tying in bed.
    No I am not finished. Within 2 minutes of taking the aneros out I was hungry for it again but have resisted until 10am just after starting to type this account up.
    I shot half a ml of silicone and 2mls of waterbase and coated Eupho with Vaseline and inserted.
    She has been working quietly but with a boiling feeling while typing and BUGGER ME my back arched again and I thrashed around again for a second or two then calm and could just feel my heart racing hard.
    Things are still boiling and I am dribbling precum again.
    By all accounts of what I have read I think I just had my second SUPER O for this morning, the second while typing. Typing maybe but thinking of the session though.
    No one can tell me what a super O is exactly because everyone's is different but I think I have finally had two.
    I would like to hear your opinion from those in the super O club even if not positive as I like to know whats going on even if I have not got there yet.
    I have had similar feelings before like the jolt but never the thrashing bit and have been reluctant to post because I was not reasonably sure of my success.
    The ride just keeps getting better and better and I am more and more hopelessly addicted to these wonderful devices. Thankyou Aneros.

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