• My first super O was Aless

    Yeah so that happend…
    In the last couple pf monthes i discoverd the benefits of edging and ive been practicing twice a day for 30 min or so. During this time ive discovered improved performance in the bedroom enhanced arousel and raised awareness to my prostate and surrounding muscles with these new tools i found myself practicing aless almost daily before bed where I was most relexed.
    My method was similar to a guide that was written in the forum (and please forgive me for not remembering your name).
    I was lying on my back with legs bent and feet on the bed (a comfortable positon for me even for aneros sessions).
    After getting comfortable i started to concentrate on a point that was in my lower abdomen somewhere under my bellybutton but not to low. After a few deep breaths that point would start pulsating and my session truley begins. I had tremandous progress from minor good vibes to fully enveloping p-waves always stopping in a point where I knew i couldent get over in that session.
    But last thursday night was the real breakthrough. I started my session at 23:00 feeling the regular bliss of my pulsating prostate and got myself relaxed in a way like never before. Normaly I would get excited in every sensation that I got and had to start the buildup from scratch. This time was different, I fully accepted these sensation with calm.
    In that state I was more aware to myself, I found out that I was trying to dictate my body the contraction rythem and extent. The moment I was aware of that I let go and the contractions were free, when that happen I got aware to the even most subtle sensation in my body. Ive felt the precum oozing out all the way from the base to the tip of the penis like never before.
    After of few moments of fully soaking in these new sensations my leg started to shake and my breathing sped up and I’ve felt my stomech doong a wave motion withe every inhale and exhale (thinking on this now gives me a nice p wave).
    With my breathing gets heavier and my prostate pulsating in a higber rate i found myself feeling a buildup coming but instead of waiting for a realese I wanted to see how much more I can take, so I’ve reached to my nipples and started to give them a good rub.
    This was the tipping point.
    My body lost control of itself I was shaking with my pelvice being thrown up and down I was at it for sonmething like thirty seconds and then my pelvice ponted up to the celing and Ive felt like I was ejaculating the same contractions but the orgasmic feeling was more intense that I have ever felt. Needless to say that there was no ejaculation. Aoon after I collapsed on the bed and I felt that im entering another peak. Once more I was shaking uncontrollably and when the second orgasam subdued another one started. I turned over and lay down on my stomech for another mindblowing orgasam but this time it was along with an urge to pee. It needen an effort to get up and fumble to the toilet. And when I sat down I got another small orgasam in compression.
    I got back to bed and soon afterwards I was sucked back In to something that I can only described as a whirpool of orgasams one after the other. I was truely in bliss after what was another hour from my initial discovery I finaly floated down to earth I wasn’t exhausted but a bit tired and excited at the same time. Still aroused I decided to try and see how it will feel if I will end the evening with a bang. So I jerked off and a bang it was! My cum exploded out of me in a way like never before.
    I was shaking all the way through and I finally collapsed in that evening for the last time.


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      11/13/2016at3:20 pm

      @redil congratulations on your first Aless Super-O! You wrote a very good description of what you felt; to the point where I can almost feel the same. Your words are inspiring and I know that your good vibes will continue to grow! Enjoy
      Life is wonderful.

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      11/13/2016at6:11 pm

      @redil, I must not repeat what @GGringo wrote, cause I can sign every word. Congrats and thanks for sharing!
      To further work on your edging technique and stamina I recommend edgemeplease.com as it is about giving up control and let go, let someone else like your gland or this word based app take over. If you like to watch masturbating girls while they tell you what to do, look for cock hero frenzy on p*rnhub. Good vibes all the way. The best is yet to come!

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