• My first ramblings

    On the exterior I'm straight laced, professional but internally and sexually omg i'm a different person. As a gay guy I love finding new things sexually to explore. Previously I'd soley considered myself a top and any anal play for me just didn't bring any pleasure at all. Maybe I just wan't allowing myself that chance to experience things. Recently I've let myself open up and started playing with regular sex toys and let guys penetrate me. I still didn't really get much pleasure but kept at it. Fetishes started creeping in though and I read various websites about toy play and electrosex. Electro really appealed to me and I really loved it and I think this is where my anal enjoyment started to begin. With an anal probe I started getting pleasurable feelings in that area which i'd not experience before and was keen to expand my horizons. However, when it came to my prostate I thought it was dead…my toys came into contact with it but nothing really seemed to happen. I fingered it..it just caused discomfort and no real enjoyment but still I was keen to expand my horizons and experience different feelings. I came across some blogs on the internet about these aneros toys. I saw them on various sex shop sites whilst buying other toys and started reading testimonials. Nah, they wont work on me I told myself looking at them and ignored them. Then one day I started looking into them more. I stumbled across this site and the forums, the chat entries and "Super O's"….the thought of pleasure surging through my entire body was an instant turn on. I wanted to experience this too…this where it all began…..

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